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Magpul PDR Answered

Here's a project Trauts and I are working on. Trauts still has to fine tune my version. I was actually only going to build the back and firing mechanism and leave the front to trauts and have him mod whatever needed. I just added a front on for the heck of it. Here's what the PDR is http://www.magpul.com/pdfs/PDRtech_PR.pdf
I had a video but it wasn't working so I'll just have to explain some of the features for now. This version wasn't made for looks but just to show off the trigger, magazine, and mag release. So understand that this is by far not the final version.
Alright to explain some of the features now:
- I made a quick adapter for rail accessories from airsoft and maybe real firearms. The adapter can then attach to my K'nex rail. I used this very low quality red dot scope for an example. I wish I had batteries for it so I could at least use it as something more than a viewfinder.
-The trigger is complicated looking but it's pretty basic. I took my old bullpup trigger (could probably be used to all kinds of bullpup weapons) and modified it a little so that I wouldn't need such a long barrel. To do this I brought down what normally would be the part you'd pull and placed that early and then made a sliding trigger that pushes that part back. It's actually pretty reliable.
-The magazine is a somewhat new design (that or hardly ever used) that is really close in size to real STANAG magazines. The real version doesn't used curved magazines but I decided to make a curved magazine anyways to demonstrate how to make a gently curving magazine for guns like the Magpul Masada. You can lock the mag pusher down if you're using a weak enough rubber band.
-The mag release isn't what's used on the real one but it would be impossible to make one like that. This is pretty simple but very effective. It's just a little lever switch that you pull back and the magazine will pop out. You put the magazine in firmly and you should be able to hear it click. It's rock solid when locked into place. I'll show you pictures of it later.


I don't know why, but after all this time, I am still madly in love with your version of the Magpul PDR.


5 years ago

Why don't you try to adapt seleziona's skorpion 2.0's mech? You'll have to make a clever trigger though.


5 years ago

Eye candy, if the pin wasn't sticking out of the gun, I would've built it.

Eh, it was something I hoped to fix at some point. If I were to remake it, I'd make it an internal slingshot most likely.

i know this is like 2 years to late =p...but do u have the trigger mech for this///im trying to make a bullpup style trigger...and its not going so great...

Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, this trigger is pretty simple. I loved it because it could be easily built for any length for weapons with the same body shape. What do you want exactly? It doesn't matter how it's built really as long as you make the blocker, swivel, and trigger, and then connect them.

Hey, may I use the front grip part in my own PDR? (I made a model, and used your front grip, If I post I'll give you credits for that part)


Of course. I didn't even think it was that great when I first made it. =P Now that I think of it, I really want to remake the PDR. I had an attempt going where I was actually measuring a picture of the real PDR and scaling everything, but I got bored of it, probably had another idea in mind. And that was before I got more pieces. Now that I have pieces, I could probably make my own model, but I was thinking maybe making a repeating slingshot, which I'd need more orange connectors for probably.

Ok, thanks. I couldn't find any info about the sizes of a real PDR (except the length, 19 inch.) Your idea sounds great, looking forward when you have finished it sometimes. I don't realy know how much oranges such a gun costs, as I make mostly non-shooting guns.

They used to have a PDF as mentioned in my thread that had all the information about the PDR including basic measurements. Don't quote me, but I believe the stock on a C model is 4.8 inches and 5.3 on the D model. From that, I took a small tape measure and scaled everything I saw in the picture. I realized my stock was too small length and height wise, which I fixed on the newer one I was making, though I forgot how I made it. But yeah, if I made it a slingshot, I'd need to have open sections in the barrel, and with such a compact design, I'd be forced to use oranges where yellows wouldn't work. I'd probably have enough to make half a barrel or so and then just make the rest of the front hollow.

Man, I see that an airsoft PDR should be being released soon and I want it badly. However, it'll be upward $300 which, though I could afford given my minimal expenses, I just don't want to spend. If I got that, I could make a pretty accurate K'nex version too.

Anywho, attempt making more firing replicas. It just doesn't feel as satisfying to make a model when it's easier and it doesn't fire. You just gotta practice.

Ok. I think I got the length about right. I saw that airsoft one, it looks realy cool. However, here in the Netherlands, airsoft is still illegal (I still have 4 springers and a gbb m93r).

I sometimes try shooting guns, they mostly end up uninnovative or simply bad most of the times. And I like putting models in my stand, so that's why i mostly make models

Yes, I like this new weapon.

Are you totally blind to dates or something?

i like how it looks......

Epic. Can't wait for instructions if they are made :)

I don't think they will unless Trauts really feels like making them when he comes back. People kept complaining about the firing pin sticking out of the back of the gun. It's like people complaining about taxes. WTF are you going to do about it? I can't change it. The trigger is right after the magazine and I had about only an inch of space. I was actually planning on making a TAR but the dutch guy beat me to it lol.

I think if someone complains about it, you should do what I sometimes do and say that if they don't like it, they can feel free to sit with their thumbs up their asses knowing that they can't do anything about it.

I CANT WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS!!!(if there will be any)
but is that the ram sticking out the back of the stock i see??????
or am i going blind...

wheew..im not going blind
but its a shame that there is the pin sticking out the stock :(

Hmm yeah please go right ahead and fix that...if you can.

u did say that trauts will improve this gun.
so im waiting for it to be fixed....

I'm not sure what happened to Trauts. He just disappeared again.

He's gone and will come back to assasinate you.

whered u get the scope and how much

From a friend for free lol. It was just as the battery died so he gladly handed it over. It's a pretty crappy scope though. It's not technically even a scope. It doesn't zoom.

 Red dot? I got a nice one for my airsoft gun.

does it fit to a rail cuz that would look sweet on my bbgun

this gun LOOKS good....

You post I build.


8 years ago

Did you change it at all since I saw it on IRC?
Maybe you did, I just can't tell.

I did a few minor things. The only major changes I made was adding a magazine release.

Hey TD I'm gonna start either an XM8 or a P90 or the F2000 as soon as I finish making my ible for my assault rifle. Which should I make and do you wanna improve it after I finish? (also after you finish this)

I can't build a full FN2000 but I might be able to make an XM8 and I should be able to make a full P90. You could use my magazine and mag release if you want for the XM8 or FN2000. I also have an idea for a magazine to use on the P90.

I found a new gun that looks really cool. It's called the Kel-tec RFB.
I might try that using a form of your mag. We could make any of those three
Kel-tec RFB, p90, XM8 I dunno. Or you could make a p90 and I could make the Kel-tec I dunno.


Whoa where'd you find that? I've researched a lot of firearms before but never came across that. Which company made it? It looks pretty good. Pretty simple though. It's very boxy which would make it pretty easy. I'm sure you could handle that by yourself. Another bullpup I was looking into was the T.A.R. It's a really funky design though so I don't think I'll do it. It's so hard to find a nice looking bullpup. That's about the cleanest looking design I've seen yet.

I found the gun in an NRA magazine. It's made by Kel-tec. I think we could make this, as it's similar to what you have in this topic. Some modding and upgrading and then it's good. It's a semi-auto sniper with forward ejecting shells. Here is a youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Xqa2vwq60

Alright I have an idea for basically a bullpup rail gun. I'm not sure how well we could get it to look like this gun but the idea is pretty simple. I'm going to take a couple pictures of the mag release on the PDR for future reference, destroy it, and get to work on this.

Okay. I'm gonna start working on my ible for my gun so i can take it apart to start working on stuff like this.

I finished the ible. TD, I'll get you some more pics and I'll start on the front area. Should we build with a scope or not?

I'm not sure if I can build it now actually. I wasn't able to get a mechanism working. It's the kind of thing that I'd need to build an entire gun to test but I don't have the pieces to do so. I might have to go back to making a p90.

Look on your orangboard. Yeah maybe an mp7 or a p90. I'll help.

yeah dude make a tar or the RFB. and btw tar isnt t.a.r its just TAR21(tavarov assualt rifle 21st century)

youve never heard of this? he kel-tec RFB (rifle, forward-ejection, bullpup) takes its design from two guns. the belgian fn2000 and the nexter FAMAS. it fires a 7.62x51mm NATO. the clips are those used on the fn FAL(fusil automatique leger) which in amaerican stands for light automatic rifle. the kel- tec is manufactured by a company named kel-tec. the RFB has a short stroke gas piston. this rifle also uses a patented forward ejection system. hence the name RFB. th RFB is also fully amedextrouse, which is where it takes after the fn2000. and a strange thing i think about this gun is it is made w/o iron sights. the military or whoever is going to purchase the weapon has to purchase there own iron sight to attach as well. STATS: weight - 8 pounds length- 26 in. brrel length 18 inches. cartridge-7.62x51mm NATO action- fire types-semi automatic 10or 20 round FAL style box mags. sights- none. produced in 2008. it also comes in carbine sporter and target versions. and what i find the best about this is this gun was made in the u.s unlike all hte other cool guns made by HK or FN. all the cool bullpup rifles are almost all made in australia or germany. the us finally made a pbullpup rifle. and making up almost an entirely new design.

anyway theres what i know about this rfle. maybe you could built it sometime. that would be sickkk!

make a p90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!