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Mags v.s clips Answered

Seriously, why does everybody call mags clips? Is it because of hasbro? A magazine is the object that holds all the bullets, a clip is some bullets clip'd together. Why is this so hard for some people?


I prefer mags over clips personally,

Mag just load quicker in my opinion and looks better and holds more rounds :/

I find myself now asking this same question. No one knows the difference, i just can't handle their incorrectness.

Don't get people to use the correct vocab!

This is a perfect way of telling whether a person is worth listening to; if they get it wrong, they're probably not worth it.


8 years ago

lol, about 0 .1% of ibles iv'e looked at use the word "mag", or "magazine". all others use the word "clip". whats the deal with clips? and how come this isn't showing up in the forums?

I use the correct term, so technically its more that 0.1%.

I could give you 40 different instructables that have the word mag, and about 5 that use the word clip.

Because suddenly when we talk about firearms, the rules of using proper grammar doesn't apply. A pencil and a pen have quite the same features? They're both used for writing but are still two uniquely different objects and so we call them each the write thing (horrible pun) and no one objects to this. But whoa, buddy, hold on. Now it's about guns, that doesn't matter. I think some just aren't intelligent enough to know the differences because otherwise it wouldn't be hard for them to just do it instead of saying "I don't care"

Lol ironic. The rules of using proper grammar don't apply.

Because not many know there is a difference.

Because nobody cares?

If you look carefully, there are quite a few of us who use clip and magazine properly.


8 years ago

gotta point


8 years ago

Very VERY true =)