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Mail Fraud Answered

So we canceled AT&T service a few months ago, and we have been getting a bill from them every month since. Each month, we call, they apologize and tell us to ignore the bill. Today, the lady transferred us to another department which happened to be closed, ending the call. I know this is considered mail fraud...using the US Postal Service to unlawfully attempt to obtain money. Does anybody know of any resources for helping to write a letter to them that would explain that what they are doing is illegal, and threaten legal action if they don't stop immediately. So any templates for cease and desist letters would be great. Thanks!


I think what you have is a billing dispute not fraud. You may need to write a certified letter to state your case, explain why you believe the bill is in error and tell them your intention not to pay the bill. If this is a cell phone bill, you may be tied under some fine print with the contract. If you send a letter, they must respond in writing. Is it clear what the bill charges are and why you are being billed for them? Note in your letter dates and times and who you spoke with to dispute your bill. You are probably p*ssed but try to speak to a supervisor on a non-peak time to try to resolve your billing error. Good luck.

It was a land line, and each time that we've called, they told us it was taken care of.

Hmm, when we switched to all cable(TV,phone,internet), our Verizon line was still on until we called to cancel the DSL separately. Listen on the phone line to make sure it is dead. Did you have DSL that needed to be cancelled also? If not, complain that someone may be stealing your line and tapped into it. They may investigate further on that.

We had internet and phone on two separate services, so to save money we switched our phones to the same as our internet.

It's pretty tricky, you really need to look at what you are being charged for. Maybe in order to have DSL you still need to maintain a basic phone line charge for the wiring even though it is internet and phone over DSL. Or your long distance component was never cancelled. Maybe pay a personal visit to your local ATT office where they handle bills live.

But see, AT&T; admits every time that we shouldn't have received the bill. We no longer have any business with them.

Something slipped through the cracks. Ask for the final bill, hopefully that will close out the account and ask for any deposits back.

And that's the problem, they can't seem to find what slipped through...that or they don't care enough. My idea was that the letter would be some encouragement for them to fix it. Actually filing against them would be too much hassle =]

Send a letter, addressed to somebody important at AT&T, inform them that you will no longer be responding to their erroneous bills, instead you will be forwarding them to your lawyer to assist in his building of a harassment suit against AT&T.

Ask for a letter confirming that your letter was received, or send it via a sign-for service, and include a paragraph in your letter noting that accepting the letter is an acknowledgement that they are aware of your intent.

No need to actually get a lawyer, just let them know that you are.

You could try a well-known state attorney to help you.