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Major problem! Answered

Good day all! Just calling in to ask if any one knows why I can't log on without changing my password? I click on the 'Log on' button at the top and it directs me to the log on page, when I type in my user name and password and it directs me to


(another log on page which directs to you /you when logged on) and so the cycle repeats until I go 'forgot password?' and go through the password changing system when I'm finally alloud to log in.

I'm running Internet explorer 8, any suggestions?
Thanks, ~K

Edit: Fixed! Thanks Kelsey
Edited edit: Problem's back. D:


Empty your cache and delete all cookies. At the home page, do a hard reload (shift-refresh, I think).

That worked, but now it looks like the problem's back, only this time it doesn't want to be fixed.

Besides this bug report, I'd recommend sending a PM directly to Matt (StumpChunkman) -- he's the I'bles staffer directly responsible for addressing bugs with the community. You've done all the "right" things, and it's still not working. He, or other Staff, may have some useful tricks for dealing with the Spawn of Satan IE8.

Thank you kindly, I shall suit up with all my exorcist gear and head on over for some tips, thanks!

Empty that cache thing.

. Do you have the same problem with other browsers?

I cannot currently check because I can't get any other browser.

Since you are down under, do you have to type standing on your head or turning the computer upside down?