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Make DIY guitar amplifier ? Answered

Make DIY guitar amplifier with TBA820M?
hello I'm new, I'm not very good at electronics, I wanted to ask if I can make a small guitar amp with TBA820M
(capacitors, resistors and other material I have them all)
DATASHEET: http://www.fieros.de/philips/tba820m.pdf
Online I've seen some projects, but they are quite complex, can anyone help me?
sorry if I did something wrong, but then again I'm new :)

Thanks in advance!

PS:I've seen other videos and projects with LM386 are much more simple, but I own TBA820M



5 years ago

A single chip will not be strong enough to drive a speaker. With that said, it is possible to connect the specter to a half bridge configuration and drive the MOSFETS with the chip. Remember though, the signal going to the upper MOSFET (in the schematics) must be inverted, so it doesn't short out between voltage and ground.

That would make a nice preamp or something to plug your earphones into when you practice just follow the loaded test circuit in the datasheet and tweak it to your liking.

yes BUT it will only be a max of 1.2 watts - The data sheet tells you all about it.