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Maker Faire Ticket Giveaway Answered

We have 4 extra Maker Fair tickets to give away to 4 lucky people. To qualify for one of these tickets, you must meet most (if not all) of the following requirements: 1. You must be at least 16 years of age 2. You must be a regular user of this website and willing to spend 2 hours hanging out at the Instructables booth talking about the site. 3. You should have an awesome project to bring. This project is ideally small, easily transportable and requires little to no setup. 4. You must be located in the Bay Area and able to get yourself to the Maker Faire. 5. You must like having fun with a whole bunch of fun people. If you think this describes you, send me a private message and let me know who you are, why you want to hang out at the Instructables booth and what you want to bring. The first four qualified people to contact me each get a ticket.




9 years ago

*Gazes longingly at tickets.* I am a regular user of the site, but I am only 14, and I do not live in the Bay area... :(

I would have totally done this. I didn't know how I'd feel though (surgery a couple of weeks ago). It's Saturday though, I'm feeling ok, making some Gummi Lego to bring to the fair tomorrow.

It's clause 4 that's the killer...

(Unless we could figure out some telepresence compromise?)

Now that would be cool. Someone get a holograph machine working for Kiteman immediately. Perhaps that would violate rules, as you aren't actually in attendance...

Hey George Lucas called, he wants his holographic communication devices back XD

Tell him... Jar-Jar Binks... then hang up. He will cry himself to sleep.

Jar-Jar was one of the bad sides of star wars :/

:( I'm waaaaaaaaay too far away. Sigh....

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far away.. :-/

If I tried really hard, I could drive down there. But, alas, I can't. Waaaay too far away. :(

*Just remembers I get free flights to San Francisco.* Interesting...

You think that your too far? Im on a small island called Guam and let's see, that is closer to Asia and the Philippines and if you look it up, I would say that I live waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay farther then you. Just dont take it the hard way..

i meet all but #4 n i have a handful of mini projects i've made does make wanna give me plane tickets to a frequent user who has a form of autism?

aww man, im only 13, but i could make a fake drivers license, and make that my project lol

So, has anyone received a ticket yet?

dangit, I meet all but the first requirement... im only 13.

Dewd, last I checked your not in Bay Area, what happened?

where is bay area anyway? In Texas, or California?

The Bay Area is the area around the San Francisco Bay in California.

Florida....what, im sure they have bayss there

Ack.....had to kill it with that #4 requirement, eh? :-)

I'll just wait for Austin Maker Faire ehh?

Psst people!!! Don't go!! They are in desperate need of slave labour and they'll use any means to get it! ITS A TRAP!!!

Hmph. Once again, too far away! I'll have to plead to take the last few weeks off of school to hitch hike!


9 years ago

Why is all the cool stuff going down on the other side of the continent? *sigh*