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Make It Yourself... Call For Existing Works Answered

Cybersonica with Openlab Workshops and Manchester Art Gallery present:
Make It Yourself


Make It Yourself is an exhibition of inventive Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects to accompany the major solo exhibition Recorders by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Manchester Art Gallery between 18 September 2010 to 30 January 2011. See http://www.manchestergalleries.org/whats-on/exhibitions/index.php?itemID=73 for more information.

A rapidly expanding community of people worldwide is taking advantage of new, cheaper technology and a growing pool of shared knowledge to make things for themselves – useful things, clever things, silly things, unique things. Make It Yourself is a ‘small but perfectly formed’ show of a handpicked half-dozen of these hand-made devices.

We are now accepting submissions of existing Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects from artists, hobbyists, hackers, DIY musicians and anyone interested in making things for themselves wishing to exhibit their work as part of Make It Yourself.

We are looking for pieces that reveal and demonstrate:
  • unique devices born out of imagination or happy accident
  • how everyday artefacts actually work
  • custom-made tools born out of a frustration that nothing else quite does the job
  • modified consumer products that now do something their manufacturers never conceived of
Overall we are looking for inventive projects that demonstrate a wide range of function and form, simplicity and complexity, humour and intent.

We expect creators of selected works to provide a project ‘info pack’ of design schematics, component lists, code and step-by-step assembly instructions.

Deadline: Monday, 13 September 2010
Notification: Friday 17 September 2010
Download: application PDF available for download from www.cybersonica.org



8 years ago

Might be worth trying sites like bit-tech.net. Lots of enthusiastic UK based modders on there. Will have to see if I can get across to Manc to see the exhibition


8 years ago

Hi gmjhowe and Kiteman

Your interest and advice appreciated.

I did email Intructables asking if there were any way they could distribute the Call more widely across the site... and they have responded by making it 'featured'.

I've had a look through the Technology and specifically the Arduino section and there are several suitable projects I can see - so I will PM the makers directly - that's a good idea.

The Call - and the PDF details and application form at the Cybersonica website - http://www.cybersonica.org - describes the types of electronics projects we're looking for as succinctly as I can manage it... so I'd check these details out.

And if you do have any existing projects you think might be suitable please do make a submission - it would be good to receive something from you.

Also the exhibition runs 'til the end of January '11 - and we're planning to run workshops and a second 'Call for Modification' - so there may well be other ways to get involved.

Let me know what you reckon.


8 years ago

I would love to offer and help, but it really is very short notice. Even more so with a specific aim at electronic projects.

Quite simply, there is only a small number of UK based people on active onthe Forums, so you will struggle to get a response (myself and Kiteman are two of the biggest UK contributors)

Kiteman's suggestion to PM people directly might be a good idea.

What sort of electronic projects would you be looking for specifically? There is every chance some of us might be able to sort a few things out.


8 years ago

Sorry... we do appreciate that.

Posting the info to Instructables - while obvious - seems to have been overlooked.

Hopefully it's still enough time for a few keen people who have existing work to respond.

We hope so.


Reply 8 years ago

Maybe you could search for suitable projects, and PM the creators directly?

It is quite possible that they have missed this notice, as many productive members do not use the forums very much.


8 years ago


(Kind of short notice, chaps?)