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Make Magazine Subscription, possible that I will have an extra one for the right inspiration.. Answered

When I subscribe for another year of MAKE, if I can do so within a week or so, I will also be able to "give" a subscription to someone (this may be limited to the USA, I am not sure).

All I am in need of is a spark (I have been SOOOO tired lately) of inspiration on something to create for either the Dremmel contest or the Craftsman one.

I have in my work room, numerous ic's (from 555's to comparators, regulators, etc), an extra multimeter, a fair bit of "tin" i.e. sheet metal, two old hot air popcorn poppers, a few micro-amp meters, lots of bolts, nuts, leds, a few small gears and recorder guts, two electronic gyroscopes, some random pieces of a lot of things, including caps, resistors, inductors, diodes, and etc.

I have been having a hard time of it being creative lately.....but if someone can give me an idea that is acceptable to me (inspiring), I would be able to get them that subscription.   One catch,  we will have to work through someone that everyone can trust as far as getting your name and address to MAKE if I choose your idea(s).
Thanks for any effort put forth. . .

The time I need to send in for my renewal is drawing close.....if ANYONE in the USA here, that is old enough to eventually share their mailing address (MAKE won't tell me if they will ship the free sub outside the USA or not), and can give me a decent idea of something to build soon,  I will subscribe and send them the free year.
Most of the suggestions so far are from people outside the USA


Anyone in the US ?

Miniature steam engine! :D

Well, not secret, but still in the "wow if I could ONLY do this" stage :-)

Hmmm, not a standard one for sure...I don't have the ability to bore cylanders etc.

A torch that uses both: a) Joule thief and b) a PWM circuit, getting the most out of a small battery!

Hmmm, pwm....I haven't done much in that area...

I will see if there is anything in that line that is both easy enough for me to do (so I don't have to strain my eyes TOO much ;-) and awesome in some way. BTW, the mag. subscription people (MAKE) have not gotten back to me about whether they would send it outside the country without an extra fee or not.


7 years ago

A hot air (popcorn) breathing robot with a tin body and LED eyes. If you spray paint red and white you could also enter it into the Krylon contest


This actually gives me "another" type of idea *inspiration!* :-)

Sounds intriguing I can't wait to see what you make.

I hope I am "able" to both find the time and get the materials.....

How about a miniature copy machine to copy carvings and engravings using the Dremel ?

Unless you mean, like a small motorized version of a, a....blast what were they called.....they were hinged devices that you could use to duplicate drawings or scale them up or down.....

Yes, I couldn't remember the name, and I couldn't find it by googling either (no matter what I asked, it kept giving me SOFTWARE cad references LOL).


. You're welcome. We old guys have to help each other remember names and such. You cover my back and I'll cover yours. ;)

I will cover your back, as long is it is not with suntan lotion LOL ;-)

Hmm, that would be a little beyond me at this point (I mean, I could probably eventually get one to work, but I would have do design it a bit at a time....and I am not so sure I have quite that much time). Thanks for the suggestion though.

What about a secret compartment box, or a" Welcome" sign, where some of the letters letter could be turned to say "go away" lol ;0) Or maybe one of the letters in the welcome sign could be removed to hide a spare key??? Maybe an advent calendar made out of wood, or tin...

Are there dremel bits that can take a core sample out of stones? What about birthday cake candle holders?

I haven't a clue about the dremel bits...mine is a very simple motor in a handle....candle holders....hmmm.

OK...drill a hole (using your handy dandy dremel) in frozen metal juice lids, cover with white glue (but not the hole) smear w glue on both sides, and dip in silver glitter, or seed beeds or both together. Thread a coloured ribbon through the hole(that you drilled with your spiffy dremel) long enough to hang on the branch of a tree; this can become a Christmas tree ornament, or stagger them and make a pretty mobile. You could also drill holes all over the lid and thread tiny fairy lights that work on a battery pack. Might be the beginning of an extra terestial art instalation also.

Mike, I know that you are a brilliant techie, so these ideas might not appeal to you. But altered art is something I love to create, and so my ideas lean toward that area. Hope they at least inspire you. Blessings, Lyn

look at the dremel site are there possible hack ideas?