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Make: SF December Meeting - UPDATE Answered

Make: SF, a local group of Bay Area makers and shakers will be holding their December meeting at Instructable HQ Tuesday the 16th (tomorrow!) at 6:30 PM. Come one, come all and meet, mingle and learn from other Bay Area makers.

This event is usually in a show-and-tell format and there is often many cool things being presented. If anyone has any interest in presenting their work to get feedback, please contact me and it will be arranged!

489 Clementina St.
3rd Floor.
6:30 PM


I think kelseymh summarized the event pretty well with his comment below. I don't have too much to add to that.

Some things to highlight is that there were a number of great presenters and you should be able to learn more about what was covered on the Make:SF Wiki. There will most likely be another meeting around the second week of January for those that could not make it to this meeting.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming Instructables build nights happening early next year!

I'm republishing a couple of the photo highlights here from the Make:SF Flickr Pool (check them all out!). All photos are courtesy of [http://http://mightyohm.com/ Mighty Ohm].


The event was great, if somewhat low key. The attendees were first-timers for the most part, and there wasn't the sort of "round table introduction" I might have expected.
Makers aren't much into that touchy-feely c**p, are we?

The absolute highlight was, obviously, R2D2. Chris James spent 2 years building it, and it is frighteningly authentic. He was third out of four presenters, and the fourth fellow was a bit, er, anticlimactic.

I took the opportunity at the end to show off my crib modification. I am really proud of it, and extremely pleased that my wife likes it :-)

For anyone down in the South Bay (San José area for outsiders), the Bay Makers group, Make:SF, also holds monthly meetings at the Tech Shop in Menlo Park.

Many, many thanks to Eric and everyone at I'bles for their hospitality.

Any chance the I'bles g*ds and staff will be participating in the meeting? I'll be on the Peninsula tomorrow, and would be very pleased to meet y'all. -- Michael Kelsey

>Mutters to self<

Take a deep breath Adrian

Count to 10

Deeeeep breeeeath

>Not working!<


You guys are all lucky than me...I have this ocean separating me and I think the fortunate event will happen if i get to go to mit,and then see miters then go to hq and live in US.

It's not my fault, really! I live here! I drive for two hours every week from my home to SLAC, and stay overnight at a friend's place.

You lie! You moved to CA just to torture everyone! >Seethes< Aw...have a nice time. :-)

Not me! San Francisco born and raised, with a 12 year hiatus (the SFers will know what I mean) down in ellay.

What?!?!? You... You... Are so damn FORTUNATE!!! >:-( :-)

:-) I used to live on the Peninsula, and still work at Stanford part of the week. I was just lucky that my work schedule matched this meeting.

There will be a few people around. I think if you come a little earlier, there is a better likelihood of meeting more people.

I'm going to aim for 5:30-6:00. Hopefully some of you will still be there!

Thanks! I'll check Google Maps; it may end up being faster to take Caltrain than to drive and park (sigh...).

Parking here is easy at that time. Driving could be a pain though and we're 6 blocks from Caltrain.

Thanks, Ed! I forgot my hat when I left this morning. If it's raining, I'm going to drive (ironically :-), but if the weather's fine, I'll Caltrain up. Sounds like it should be fun!

Aww, I wish I was there...


You guys have any plans over the holidays? I *might* come to california.

curse you, making us all jealous!!!!!!!