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Make a Little Brother video and Get Featured on BBtv! Answered

We really dug Cory Doctorow's new book, Little Brother. We liked it so much that we've made a series of Instructables based on the w1n5t0n character in the book. Now Cory has thrown out a challenge to make a video based on any of these Instructables and post it to YouTube. The best one gets featured on BBtv.

So, to recap:
(1) Shoot it!
(2) Upload it to YouTube or another video hosting site!
(3) Tell us where to find it! Submit the url here.
(4) Selected videos will be featured on BBtv!

Want to read the book? Then check it out for free!


It was a good book: just finished the ebook today -- I'll probably support a teacher like he says.

I swear we read the same blogs or something, whenever I read a post, I come here and find it posted :-P

So... w1n5t0n isn't real?