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Make a USB port wireless? Answered

hay all. I want to make a simple USB webcam to a wireless one. I heard about wireless USB adapters, but I can't find them on my local stores. So I want to make one. Is that possible?



8 years ago

Ok... That a great idea but I'm not allowed to buy things over the net. Thats why I asked about how to build one...

any help?

 Yes i have an answer.
I own a Belkin wireless USB hub.  Go to the belkin website and look it up; the model # is F5L009.  It's easy to use, sleek and thin and has 5 usb ports.  just install the software and then hook it up to the network. Then you'll have 5 extra wireless usb ports!

can you use it on a different network than your computer is on, and still get the stream? 

 um i don't really now
my house has one network so that's all i have to run it on.  but i'm sure u can try it and see if it works!

FANTASTIC idea. I've been looking for these for weeks !