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Make a compact recording device out of a webcam? Answered

Well, I am trying to find a way to monitor my car from the inside. It is parked in an apartment garage and there were cases where it was been purposely scratched. Is there a way I can build a compact video recorder using a web cam? All that I can think of is use an old laptop with software in the trunk and connect a webcam.  Any input is much appreciated, thanks.



8 years ago

You could do that. Some of the webcam software have a motion detection function so that they only record when they see motion. That way you won't have to record a 12 hour recording each night.

You'll have to figure a way to power it off the car batteries though.  I don't know of a laptop that will run overnight.

If you have a window that overlooks the garage you could set it up in the window and run it off you house current.

Don't expect much from this.  Unless it's happening pretty regularly you'll probably get bored before you catch someone, but good luck anyway.