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Make a pair of bluetooth-enabled devices that communicate with one another? Answered

My question is if it's possible to build such a pair of devices, that would sustain a two-way communication channel between them. Basically, both devices would have to be a central AND a peripheral. Specifically, I need it for testing their reactions to each others proximity. (So that they would both need to react simultaneously.)
And if it's possible, how?
(At least some literature.)


Why not a simple pair of walkie-talkies, maybe modified to be a bit smaller.

can walkie-talkie sender/reciever modules (at least roughly) detect distance from each other?

I am no expert in that area, but maybe somehow you could make work as a gps, sending signals to each other and calculating the distance from the time it took for the signal to come back.

I thought about that as well, but that would require more serious hardware, a powerful antenna or a sim card, and it would have a serious power demand. I'm looking to make the simplest possible (also smallest possible - wearable) device, with low power consumption (it would be solar or rf powered).

What else could you use for both sided wireless proximity detection?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but zigbee seems too complicated and high-level for simple low-level proximity detecting hardware.

You're wrong. Zigbee is a lot easier to implement peer-to-peer things on than bluetooth. Its one of the things it was DESIGNED to facilitate, over BT.