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Make a small battery operated spark gap? Answered

I want to make a potato gun but I don't want to use a grill ignitor (unreliable) and I don't really want to buy a taser (kind of expensive) to light it. I would really like to build some simple battery powered high voltage circuit capable of making a small spark or operating a spark plug.
I would like it to meet these requirements.
1. Minimal circuitry.
2. No flyback.
3. Fits in/on an altoids tin

I'm still just beginning to understand circuitry so the less complex the better. 


You can have a lot of fun and achieve what you are looking to do with a "Spark Gap Igniter" which you can purchase from Sparkfun for $14.95 which runs on 4.8v.


Ya could search instructables for the disposable camera circuit. Hope that helps. P