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Make a super awesome collaboration!!! Answered

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?


Check out my instructables!

sweet!!! thanks for the tip

yalls way of makin grenades are too complicated, idk if they are bett3r than mine, but if u want an effective one that works purty well, get a plastic easter egg and bore a hole into the top lid portion, get a firecracker(m80, black cats, anything that floats ur boat really) and direct the whick through the hole u have just bored. after doing so, fill the bottom wiht bbs adn close the sucker up. if u find that there is a problem wiht keeping the grenade closed, get a single strand of mascin tape adn direct it around the closing of the egg. it works pretty well, isnt taht great of distance but good enuf for close encounter. and if u want a smoke screen with it, add some baby powder into it too. hope that helps

good idea... diagram: ____________________ l_xoooooX____________ haha!!!

i know how they work...(airsoft grenades from kapowwe) vinegar and baking soda ...tried it once it didn't work well maybe you know some thing I don't... u wanna work on a collaboration with me?

sure. while im writing, I had this idea: maybe if you filled a pen with bbs between two wads of paper and stuck it in you flashhider/silencer flush with your barrel, you could have a one-time-use-throwaway-shotgun

half of a weak bottle looks as if that is what is used for the grenade and I've made a baking soda and vinegar grenade with a coke bottle because from my experience coke bottles are weaker than regular ones. i just got it posting right away on this forum.
/{- -] -O -pin on top is the baking soda and the pin has paper for not mixing
I l---here is vinegar
I------l---here is bbs

all housed in a coke bottle or similar

maybe those mini water bottles....

and now a new idea...launcher!!!! (maniacle laughter)

i need 1 NOW!!!! lol sweet

ES! these airsoft hand grenades actually explode (no fire involved) slinging BB's in every direction. This latest version works better than earlier models. They have been redesigned to shred the plastic grenade vertically upon exploding so bb's fly in every direction. These are a lot of fun. They function from an acid/base reaction which results in the grenade exploding open. Here is how they work. The baking soda is already inside the grenade, fill it halfway with luke warm water and put in approximately 100 BBs. Fill the primer (i.e. the top) with the provided citric acid, close the bottom lid, and screw the primer onto the grenade. When ready to throw one, pull the pin, and push the detonator. Doing this, opens the bottom lid inside and the citric acid falls into the baking soda/water/BBs. Shake hard and throw because you only have 3-5 seconds before detonation. Be sure to push the detonator hard and shake aggressively for a more effective explosion. The detonator is reusable; however, the grenade is not. Replacement grenades should be available in the future. (from the kapowwe website) baisic idea here we go!

its really just finding the right container, but ive had a heck of a time doing that. I think we could improve on this(and make a semi/full auto launcher for em maybe!)

u could just ifll a balloon with water and bbs and throw it thats too ez

I just shaved for the first time!!!! Idk what I was doing (totally clueless) at least I found the shaving instructable after I shaved lol at least I didn't cut myself

Even Better! How about an airsoft grenade! (without pyrotechnics please i live in MN)

we sould do a gbb rifle side note: im new to this site how do i get my instructable to show up in this group?

ill have to google the gun idea idk ill check it out... maybe a combo of both

you should make a speed loader, you know the pressure ones?? ive never seen one of those on here, and its pretty cool if u can pull it off. either that or make a gun from scratch, which would be cool

i dont know how aero dynamic you can get with a ball projectile...

oh with video i thought u said in video

no link hummm getting knex for christmas but too much knex here already...

Perfect projectile..... The gun is only as good as it's projectile.... refine...refine...refine... Come on.... some aero-dynamics please.... Or maybe farthest shot.... proven with video........