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Make a ultrasonic Dog Barking machine?? Answered

I need someone to make a ultrasonic dog barking machine. I have a neighbor who allows their dog to back early in the AM and all during the day, so I want a powerful ultrasonic device that when i turn it on it will make their dog howl at 3AM and wake them up, similar to when the fire engine goes by, so that they will get a taste of what they do to me. This has been going on for a year and I can't get them to do anything to train the dog, they just don't care. I am willing to pay for a device that will work.

The dog training devices like you see advertised like "Barkoff" have to be in the same room and all I have read is the ultrasonic dog trainers available don't penetrate walls. I don't want to train the dog not to bark, I want to annoy the neighbors and give them what I have been getting. Evil, maybe, justified, YES!

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Our dogs were driving my mother in law crazy..yes they were ours, the minute we walked in, they silenced, they did not see her as a leader....

To cut a long story short, I wrote some software for a computer that detected noise levels through a microphone and blasted out high frequency noise. It worked for two of the beasts but not the third who turned out to be deaf. I put it on ebay and sold a single copy under the name "Barking Mad" for £1...apparently it worked well. If anyone wants a copy I will try and find the source code, remove the licensing bit and send it to them free.

In exchange I want to know if it works as we now live near irresponsible neighbours with two bored Alsatians and am tempting to build a system in the back garden with high powered piezo electric speakers and amplifiers etc. We know the ones you buy from Amazon, ebay etc do not work.

As a side, we own 4 dogs now, and they are well behaved and quiet as we are always here and make sure they are not a nuisance....if we do this it is going to affect them as well :(

Hello SteveB297, I have a housemate who's dog barks at me whenever I leave my bedroom, come in through the front door, and basically everywhere. I feel like a prisoner in my own house. I would like to try your Barking Mad software if you're able to locate the source code.

Thank you very much in advance


POH (Prisoner of House)

I live in a neighborhood with tons of loud dogs and obnoxious owners that leave them out barking during the day and late into the night. If you are still offering your software, I would love a copy and I would be happy to let you know how it works. Is it something you will ship in the mail or can you send it by email? Thank you! I have been waiting for a while to find something that will quiet those dogs!

Don't want to muck you about, but this week had enough of them and started building the ultimate anti dog bark machine . We wish to airbnb our back room...and cannot due to the barking.

The last bit (a very sensitive microphone) arrived today....dont be tempted to get one from poundland as it will not work.

I have spent about £50 on this so far, but had a spare computer and some other bits already. To give an idea of the power, the amplifier is 100w and the speakers are 2 x 150w. The commercial ones probably put out about 2w..but power is not everything.

I need to strip out the licensing from the software and have not even looked at that bit yet as am currently working two jobs at the moment. To show I am not pulling anyones chain, here are some pictures...I am terrible at building things so it is not pretty. The black drain pipe contains the speaker and makes it highly directional (according to youtube) which is needed as I do not want our own dogs being distressed as they have done nothing wrong. It also keeps the rain off it as it will be pointing downwards.

The amplifier is a 12v job from amazon, and it runs off the 12v power from the computer..I was concerned that there would not be enough power from the power supply however does not seem to affect the stability of the computer even when I played Pink Floyd very loud on it. More to follow, even if this does not work..a link to the software will be given once I have stripped out the licensing...if anyone wants to adapt it, will probably release the source code as well, or if you would prefer will prove it works first to save you the effort of going to these lengths ;)

Watch this space...


you know, by annoying your neighbors, you'll also be annoying the dog, and all of the other neighbors in the area, not just the ones you want to annoy.

while i'm not too worried about you annoying the rest of your neighborhood (since i'm pretty sure i'm not your neighbor), i do feel like it's highly irresponsible and cruel to use a helpless animal to exact your revenge on these people. dogs bark at high frequency sounds (especially high volume ones) because it causes them to be alert (to possible danger) and in part because it actually hurts their ears (if the volume is too high, or the source is too close).

besides that, it's not the dog's fault that it's barking. it's doing what dogs do (especially if they're bored or neglected). why punish the dog for something that your neighbors are doing?

have you tried actually talking to the people?

While i agree with your sentiments, in that the one at fault here is not the dog, but the irresponsible owners who don't teach the dog to not bark, after this has been going on for over a year and i have tried talking to them repeatedly what i am trying to do is give them a "dose of their own medicine". I want them to see how it feels to be woken out of a dead sleep and how that impacts on how you feel for the rest of the day.
I could easily throw a wad of poison hamburger over the fence and solve my problem, I would never choose to do that and this seems to be the most humane way to deal with the issue. After all dogs are subjected to fire engines and such and it is an annoyance at best and does not harm the animal.

There are similar devices already out there that are triggered by barking, but by that time i'm awake. YES, it is a bit devious but under the circumstances overall not harmful. So while i appreciate your sentiments if you have a specific solution i'd love to hear it. Thank you....

Try building a laser that can project short blasts that will create sound waves when bounced on their wondows. You can create sound inside their house which will help you train them to be responsible.

the devices you're talking about are for training your own dogs that are under your immediate control. they work because the noise they generate is a negative stimuli for the dog. it causes them annoyance (or pain depending on sensitivity) so they quickly realize what they're doing is not desired. they're not for retribution.

while you feel that using your neighbor's dog as a pawn in your scheme for retribution isn't hurting the dog, it might be. depending on the dog's sensitivity to your uncontrolled/uncalibrated (there's a reason that the devices that are on the market don't work through walls, it's because they're calibrated for REALLY short ranges and low volumes) you could cause the dog serious harm (hearing damage, you could frighten the dog into a pool, if it's chained up it could strangle itself, or it could jump the fence and head into traffic).

"a dose of their own medicine" suggests that they've trained the dog for the sole purpose of keeping you awake, which i highly doubt is the case.

what would you do if your dog was barking? wouldn't you attempt to figure out why it's barking? look over the fence, is the dog bored because it has nothing to play with? then chuck some toys over the fence. is it barking at squirrels? get rid of the squirrels.

do you live in a neighborhood with a home owners association? if so complain to them. most HOAs don't take too kindly to nuisance behavior.

if the issue where the neighbor's kids running around in the yard making noise, i doubt you'd be looking for a solution to wake their kids up in the middle of the night.

Crapflinger obviously has one of those nuisance dogs.

Sounds like you've owned or have an annoying dog that might make you annoying? Dogs aren't people. Our society kills thousands of them daily, because they have no rights. Dogs can be a tool to legally terrorize your neighbors you hate. These people that have these annoying animals are the true essence of worthless neighbors and fellow humans. Generally, you will find their offspring are taught to be annoying also. This is why we have prisons, to house worthless kids of worthless parents/dog owners.

I really don't want this to spiral into a arguement, and if you have had to put up with what I have you wouldn't be so forgiving, however, with all due respect, if you don't have anything to contribute to solving the problem your point is duly noted and i appreciate your comments but i'm looking for solutions not arguements. Thank you

This is a terrible terrible problem! My wife and I were literally run out of our first two homes by people with dogs. ABSURD! My parents thought that we "were crazy". Then about 5 years later someone moved in next to THEM with a dog that was only half bad compared, but NOW they understand.

(From wikipedia)

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the "unalienable rights" which the Declaration says has been given to all human beings by their Creator, and for which governments are created to protect.

There IS NO "life" or "pursuit of happiness" under such circumstances. NO ONE should be allowed to create the kind of nuisance that steals the rights of others, by any means, yet it goes on year after decade after ....

If nothing else it very much reduces the desirability ("the bottom line") of one's property. Ever hear anyone advertise "Nice home in a noisy neighborhood"?

It is a matter of extreme health hazard too. Few things can be more devastating than the combination of sleep deprivation and stress, and impulse noises of ANY kind can cause both.

The ridiculous thing is, dog barking is INTENDED to cause alarm and stress in (an "adversary") one. On and on. And NO ONE ever thinks about those of us who have suffered the trauma of a dog attack when young ... for those, dog barking is something one NEVER "GETS OVER".

We have WAY too many "freedoms" when it comes to pet ownership. Just as we are held responsible for other hazards we create, the law logically should hold us liable for such as this. As I write this, the news was just on where another local woman, 38 and mother of four, was mauled death by someone's dogs. Happens every few months locally. ABSOLUTE INSANITY!

Those here and elsewhere are just/simply trying to regain THEIR rights and some semblance of sanity to THEIR lives. If a few dogs have to be "disturbed" (because their horrible owners will not act responsibly) that is an unfortunate and relatively small price for what is lost to their misbehavior.

And by the way, it is NOT "natural" for dogs to bark. The dog is always in "the middle of the food chain" "in nature". Thus a barking "natural" (real) dog would be either scaring off a meal, or else advertising itself as a meal, or both. That is why one can live in an area "infested with" coyotes (REAL dogs/canids), as I do, and hardly know that they are there. If they were as stupid as your neighbor's dog they wouldn't last a week.

Your dog EXPECTS YOU to dominate (train) him/her. THAT's the way it is in the wild, in the pack. (And by the way, they exact discipline in a non-lethal but very firm way.) If you don't dominate/discipline/train your dog so as to not bother others, then you don't own "a dog" ... YOU OWN A MERE NUISANCE.

EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO A PEACEFUL EXISTENCE IN AND AROUND HIS/HER OWN HOME! I feel for all of you, and the thousands upon thousands of others I have seen over the decades who are among the tens of millions who suffer from this abuse and theft of rights.

Anyone suggesting humane and sensible approach (talking or explaining to moronic dog owners why barking noise is NOT pleasant), never faced and lived through this ordeal.

I tried most anti-bark devices from Amazon (and those posted by spammers here) - and none of them worked. None. Zero. Either too quiet, or blatantly useless. At best they pick the dog's curiosity.

What worked to me - in more than a couple of cases - is a simple firecracker. You have the right to blow up stuff in your lawn or garage. So, wait until those pests start a no-reason barking frenzy and scare the crap out of them with a sudden blast IN YOUR LAWN. After 2 or 3 events, the barking is pretty much controlled by the stupid owners.

No one gets hurt and the peace is restored to the neighborhood.

: )


2 years ago

I am a DJ and have over 10K watts in my rack set up and a wall of speaker 8ft by 8ft times 2 ....if I used that the double18" folded Horn cab would shake there entire house and everyone elses in the neighborhood so that is out unless I want to pay a fine...I've been going through this now for 3 year been nice and asked them to control the dogs a bunch of times and there answer dog do what dogs do. I had bought a puppy Alaskan Mal that these 3 dog terrorized. I also bought a $300 dollars wireless fence system so I can train my do in my back yard while my dog was still a puppy. I can't Use it I called Code Enforcement for my city they couldn't do anything, I call the Sheriff Dept. they came out and as I was talking with the sheriff the dog were barking he said he would talk to them....but really count do anything unless they came on my property. But he did say Animal Control would do something but you have to document it i.e times date, how long a period at a time. Or just set a video cam and let it roll

I thought about a freight train horn in my tree point at their house hooked to a 12volt battery with a battery tender on it to keep it charged and a line run into my house with a button and put it all in a nice little package in my bushes so they can't see it ...so when their dogs bark I would hit the button and turn those dogs white and wake those folks up as well ...but my luck I would get fined. They treat me like I'm in the wrong , but if you can't be a responsible pet owner don't own any they at one point had 5 dog 3 cat and some rabbits along with some reptiles. The side of their house like something out of Sanford and Sons junk yard with a rabbit hutch decaying moss growing on the walls vines growing up the walls and weed almost as tall as me. These are 300K houses but because it is behind a fence the home owners assoc. wont do anything you can't see it from the street. I'm at a loss at this point where and what to do I video but I can't do it all day long I have other thing like work that are pending. ANY SUGESTIONS THAT I HAVEN'T TRIED YET I don't want to have to set up the PA and blow the windows out they'll here my on the other side of town if I do...LOL HELP!!!!!


Problem 1: recording dogs for evidence. DVR+ camera+ voice activation. Any ideas?

Problem 2: Sound cannon that plays a high frequency pulse with enough range and volume to act as a deterrent and a trigger. Any ideas.

This issue persists.I am invaded by my neighbors TEN dogs barking starting at 5:30AM and going till late at night. It's not a question of right and wrong. It's a question of stopping invasive behavior. I feel if the neighbors own dogs disrupt their sleep sufficiently they might solve the problem themselves-end of story.

I would like to hear successful solutions. Has anyone built a sound cannon that works? If so please report in detail. I have ordered a KEMO M161 but haven't received it. I have seen various set-ups of gluing Piezo tweeters into PVC. Has anyone tried this array? Please share.

Re: How I Got My Neighbor’s Dog To Stop Barking!

I recently had a really bad situation involving my neighbor’s dogs and their barking. I work at night and sleep during the day when people usually don’t pay attention to their barking dogs.

I asked my neighbors to quiet their dogs down and they agreed. The dogs are still barking at about the same rate so I am sure that they did not take me seriously.

After weeks of not being able to sleep, I decided to check the internet and found a lot of people that recommended “The Barking Dog MP3”.

To make a long story short, I popped the MP3 into my home stereo and the dogs stopped barking almost immediately. As on person stated “I almost fell out of my chair when the dogs stopped barking”. I totally agree with them. It worked like a charm.

The website is at http://www.antibarkingdevice.com if you are interested.

This method should also work on your own dog if you are having problems with your dog. I certainly hope that I was helpful to you.

I had always owned dogs until I moved to a town area where I thought it was unfair to the dogs because of traffic and nowhere for them to run. Many neighbours do keep dogs and yes, many of them bark for very long periods, and yes, it is extremely annoying. Dogs should only be kept for a purpose, generally as guard dogs. The animal needs to be working, needs to be occupied, needs plenty of exercise and above should be thoroughly trained! People should not be allowed to own dogs until they obtain a licence, a licence that would be issued only when the owner agrees to these conditions. The law needs to be changed.

My friend had a similar story with pitbulls. These neighbor people didn't care about pitbulls getting in someone's house either. Do not use dog doors is the first lesson. If your dog gets sprayed by skunks, that is thousands in damage when they come back in the house too. So no one got bit by the pitbulls but her dog was bit and near deadly exhaustion. We just decided luckily on a quicker outing and found this mess in the house. Was scary. NO DOG DOORS. Don't be lazy, it pays.

I have yapping dogs behind my apartment. I have turned them in to the Sacramento County authorities several times to no avail. Finally, the only thing that thing that worked for several months of quiet was verbal abuse. I waited until both worthless neighbors(seniors too)(they smoke, so there's another clue) were in their backyard with their grandchild and dogs yapping wildly. These start yapping immediately upon hitting the backyard and never stop. They bark at nothing, exercise? I opened the window a little more and proceeded to insult the poor guy's wife horribly with filthy language I have never used before. Hey, I was trying to watch the World Series and pretend Joe Buck did not have a dog in his lap. So they have now forgotten about my tirade and slowly let them out more and more. I guess they want round two of the filth express. It works wonderfully.

My parents had someone do that with horses to their back fence. Now, they had horses once too, but put them next to their yard, and not someone else's. Flies are horrible too. When they go visit their horses, you can try my approach, or maybe some really trashy rap music. Soundtrack for an x-rated movie? Use your imagination. They don't care about terrorizing you, so don't worry about their feelings in the least. Trust me, they'll move them soon. If you make them dread even feeding their horses and dogs, they dump them. That is why they gave them to YOU,!! They were too annoying to keep at their house.

Two other dog stories ended well in the past with reasonable conversation, and resulted in the dog disappearing from the neighbors yard. WOW, great ending. On a camping trip one day, a large group of people were letting a big dog bark incessantly in this dead calm peaceful environment while I'm reading the paper and having coffee. After half an hour of reading the same sentence, I yelled from the top of our hilltop campsite, SHUT THAT F+++++G DOG UP!!!! Why does it need to get to this point? I never heard that dog again. I'm sure everyone in the mile long camp area heard me. Done!

I do want to try the ultrasonic approach at 3am in the morning. Sounds wonderfully evil. How about a super powered one that makes them run in the house yelping from ear pain? I always grew up with dogs, and love them, and they love me. This is why I don't own them, I don't want to be a pain to anyone else.

I have lived in my home for 50 years and for most of that there was no problem until about 5 or 6 years ago when my neighbour allowed his daughter to build stables for her horses on his land right next to my property. That wouldn't have really bothered me if the 8 stables hadn't come with four huge guard dogs - mixed breed but mostly Alsation / German Shepherd type. The daughter and owner of the dogs lives elsewhere, about half an hour drive away. I have two small Jack Russell terriers who are 'indoor' dogs but obviously they need to be let out several times a day and as soon as I open the door the dogs next door would go into a frenzy of barking, jumping up and down and trying to tear through the old hedge and fencing that seperates us. I have a little girl, 7 years old, who is terrified of them. Eventually I complained to the owner about the persistant barking and my fears that the dogs were going to break through the fence. The next day there were two branches from a tree stuffed into the gap that the dogs had made. A few days later I was sitting in the kitchen with my daughter and our back door was open as it always would be on a warm summers day, when my little girl screamed and I looked up and three of the dogs were standing, looking at us in my dining area just a few feet away. I lifted up my daughter and put her standing on the counter although that would not have stopped these huge animals from getting to her, and I grabbed two pans and just started to scream, banging the pans together and taking a run at them. I honestly can't remember where my own dogs were located that day but they luckily did not become part of the scenario. Thankfully I must have looked and sounded dangerous enough to scare them away and I watched them depart back through the huge gap they had created in the fence. Shaking like a leaf I ran back inside and tried to console my little girl who was terribly frightened and then I immediately rang the owner and told her what happened. She told me I was too angry for her to speak with me about it and she would speak to me when I had cooled down. I couldn't believe it. My ex-husband came out to the house the next morning and set about erecting a fence made mostly from barbed wire, covering a large area. There was no sign of her so finally, by midday I called the guards (police) and shortly after the dog owner and her boyfriend arrived and made a big fuss about building up a fence but the guard went over anyway and issued them with a warning. Well, it stopped the dogs from getting into my garden but the barking is worse than ever and since she doesn't live there and since her father who does live there is as deaf as a post, it doesn't bother them. I recently purchased a small ultrasonic cleaner for my work and noticed that every time I turned it on my two little dogs went nuts so I'm guessing that they are hearing something very disturbing that is inaudible to me. It is just a small machine and I have no idea how far the sonic waves travel but is there any chance that if I plugged it in outside that it would blast the ears off those demons or would it be too small? I would give anything just to be able to shut them up for five minutes. My language has become appalling because I am driven to the edge of reason and find myself screaming profanities at them over the fence to no avail. I never feel entirely secure in the garden anymore and worry when my daughter and the dogs are playing out there. It is such a long, long and very old fence and the dogs are very determined as you can tell from my story. Any advice that is not going to cost me money or involve violence or poisoning etc???

There is this guy on youtube (spaceman234100) who have made some
ultrasonic cannons and use them to control dog barking. Its all
experimental but has a lot of information and videos on how to build
your own and links to eshops for the necessary parts. I don't know if
they really work but i thought it won't be bad to try it. So i placed an
order for this ultrasonic generator to build one.


For more information take a look at his channel on youtube


Hope that really helps cause i have 4 stupid/moron neighbors and 5 hysteric/manic dogs around my house that drive me crazy. Can't really live with a constant barking in my ears.

Hey Myxpykalix, just as I wrote earlier, well thank god I did not shoot the dog..lol..not that I would EVER think of that!! The neighbors called the police on me at 3:50, and they were banging on my door for 20 mins. I answered and they asked to come in, I said Fine..they claimed that the neighbors heard banging, it was an alarm clock and closets being opened for my friend to pack for her trip, the officer said " Does you friend sleep in the closet" what an a@#$hole. I looked at him like you have got to be kidding me..

Anyways, I live in Loudoun county, VA..it's a joke..I pay taxes for 13 yrs. and these renters get away with everything. Again, I have had it and this better be taken care of soon. I quess since the cops can visit me at midnight, I guess I will call them all day, every day..What do you think? I hope to hear back from you soon and let me know what you would do? I am soooooo pissed!!

Loudon County? Well were practically neighbors....I live in Charlottesville just 100 miles away! ha...First thing...never admit to any cop that you're making noise just to get even, they'll just arrest you!

I would go to the neighbors and say....please stop allowing your dog to bark and waking me up....if you don't i'm going to wake you up every nite at 3AM until you experience exactly what i experience every time your dog wakes me....we can do this the easy way or the hard way.....it's up to you!

Then i would do a little research online of your local ordinances under landlord-tennant law and start making problems for the landlord by making complaints that he is not allowing "quiet enjoyment". Look up under legal terms "quiet enjoyment" both in the law and under the terms of your HOA agreement. Because the law states you cannot , for example, create a situation that disturbs the "quiet enjoyment" of the neighbors, which this clearly does.

If you make it more expensive for the landlord to keep these people then to get rid of them, they will get rid of them. I wouldn't allow them in anymore and just make their lives as miserable as they are making yours..just don't do anything that compromises your safety.

We are close!!!! I had a nice conversation with the cops this morning @ 3:54 a.m. and was fine with them, but officer Russell had an attitude and lied to me big time, I caught him in it and he knew it. I advised him that I have an attorney for this situation! I have more to tell you,but it's to long for our conversation for me to write in this e-mail.. Anyways, I have already had 2 interventions with the neighbors in the last 1 1/2 yrs. it only gets worse, at the same time had the landlord in my house, (who is the one that rented to his friends, which they are best friends)..I had him here to prove of the noise and it was getting out of control, he advised me not to call him again and it was none of his business! So that is where I have been calling the police instead of him to take care of the situation. So I guess I am so F@#KED and no one can help!!

Again, this is so not fair..!!!!!!

First..as long as we're going to keep talking tell me your name? Re; the landlord....it is his business and while he's not responsible for their actions, if he is notified of a situation and refuses to do anything about it, then he is just as responsible and at that point can be held liable. You need to send him a certified letter with a return receipt notifying him of the situation and if he does nothing to fix the situation, if nothing else, that gives you a right to terminate your lease, if you choose to....

I hope I am not bothering you, and just want to say thanks for all of your input! I own my home and they rent, so I am not worried about a lease! I have an attorney who sent a nasty gram to the HOA a week ago, requesting all of my correspondence with Mr. Vasold (Manager of HOA) to help me have the Landlord or HOA to do something! My name is Kim..whats yours? I hope you are having a nice day..Thanks again..

shoulder surgery? Sounds like me, i had torn bicep tendon and rotator cuff surgery and i can't sleep in the bed, i sleep sitting up in my chair and only get an hour at most before i wake up in pain, so i get it, then on top you have to deal with interruptions from them.
Here is the bottom line.......you simply are going to have to have to "break the rules" by blasting music to get their attention. They obviously don't care about adhering to the rules and the HOA doesn't seem to punish them so why do you think they would punish you?
You know, i learned a good lesson in high school...i had a bully that was relentless and i was afraid of him until i just hauled off and punched him in the face and he never bothered me again. This may be the way you need to confront your bully...where do you live? Maybe the spca or other agencies might be able to help..
or you could just go shoot the dogs! lol

I have the same issue and I need to let the dog owners know how horrible it is to get NO SLEEP in the a.m. during the day and not to mention at night, they are loud with the dogs in the house, which I am in a Town Home. I would like to get a recording of a 85 lbs. Choc. Lab. plus a 1yr.old puppy, with the high pitch every 2 mins. and consistent, all day long..to play in my quest bedroom and play it at 3:00 a.m. I do not want to be mean, but they are deliberate towards me because I own my own home, living single and they have 3 kids, 2 adults and 2 dogs RENTING a Town Home! I agree, it's time to let them go through what I have been going though for 5 yrs.

By the way, my neighbors and I have called the police at least 6 times, animal control and I called and wrote my HOA 3 times not to mention hired an attorney who wrote a letter to the HOA and still nothing. Again, I own they rent! Where are my rights as a home owner???? If anyone out here, has any advise..Please let me know..THANKS!


As i have told others, i have tried the ultrasonic dog barking machine that does not work because ultrasonic waves will not penetrate walls.

After pleading with them to get the dog to stop with no results you have to do this, that worked for me....
I got a audio recorder and recorded the dogs incessant barking one morning.
I went and told the owner if his dog woke me up one more time, he would regret it.
The next day, same thing at 7AM, so that night i copied the barking onto a CD, and my driveway is next to their bedroom window. So at 3AM i went out, slipped the CD in my player rolled the windows down and BLASTED the recording of HIS dog barking!
His bedroom light went on, i went in my house, he came over banging on the door. I opened and didn't give him time to say anything, but yelled at him..."NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL!" and slammed the door in his face.
The dog has not woke me up since that day. The ONLY WAY you will ever get any relief is if you make the dog owner experience the same thing you are going thru.
I would get a big speaker, set it up against the adjoining wall of your town home, turn up the bass all the way and blast it at 3AM. Wake them up, make them as miserable as you and i guarantee it will stop.

Our local law here in Dallas prohibits a barking dog past 10pm. If you call the police, they'll come out, if the dog barks >20mins they'll write a citation. I've got two neighbors both with annoying dogs. One gave me his cell and said call anytime. I often do and he's always great about bringing in the dog. The others however refused. Their dog had barked all night one night when I was exhausted and my daughter had the flu. I went over the following night after it started again, and at 10pm told them I'd appreciate the dog being brought in. They told me they couldn't because they didn't have a leash??? I said, "ok then you'll be fine with me calling the police and having them write a citation?", they replied that the ONLY reason the dog was barking was because they'd not fed it in 3 days.

One thing seems to correlate. People who let their dogs stay out all night are morons. The matriarch of the pain in the butt neighbors even got on to me at the mailbox one day as we both were getting our mail and told me she didn't appreciate being awakened at 3 am by the police because of my complaints. I told her that if she'd bring her dog in so that it didn't wake me up at 3 am, I'd be sound asleep and not calling the police. Between that and me parking my work truck DIRECTLY in front of their house with the burglar alarm siren pointed in their bedroom as their dog ran up and down the fence line by mine, when the dog would wake us up. I had my stereo installer set the glass break detector to just about the same setting as that dog barking and about 60% of the time the dog barking would set the truck alarm off. Since they park about five cars in front of their house anyways one more vehicle doesn't matter.

Classical conditioning does work, it just takes creatures with a low intellect to adapt. If it starts back I'm calling animal control and the city for the condition of their yard. It's a wonder we don't have rats everywhere. The people have 2 teenage boys who could both use the exercise yet they won't even cut the grass much less feed a dog.


5 years ago

HI did anyone find a solution to this as we have a barking dog next door but it only barks when they go out. The leave it all day that don't bother me as I'm at work so don't know if it barks or not But when i do get home they come in have some food then go out about 2/3 time a week till 10:30pm and the dog barks 5 mins after they go out til they get back, I have spoken to them asked them nice about it but no joy. I now tell them via txt that dog is barking last time they came and got dog but we dont talk any more after THEY got the huff from me telling them their dog keeps barking go figure? anyway I know it not dogs fault but I can not use air horn as next door never in so they will not hear it
I like the idea of a loud ultrasound device I can build but would it work through walls?

After searching around for solutions using ultrasonic sound waves from using a dog whistle to a sound generator, ultrasonic waves which only dogs can hear will not penetrate walls so (none worked) here is what i did....
Because our houses are close my driveway is close to their bedroom windows. After dealing with them for a year trying to get them to do something with no result, I went with a tape recorder and taped the dog barking. Then i went to my computer and made a digital file of it (like a mp3) and looped it so it would play over and over.

So the next day when their dog woke me again I told them, if it happens again i would make sure they knew the feeling. Well it happened the next day, always between 7-7:30AM so that nite I went out to my van slipped in the cd, turned up the volume playing the sound of THEIR dog barking and woke them up at 3AM.
He came outside and all i said was "Now you know how i feel"...the dog never woke me up anymore after that.
Obviously the moral of the story is that you need to make them experience the same discomfort that you feel for them to understand what you are going thru.
If their dogs are constantly barking then make it a point to stay up a few nites till 3 or 4AM and go out and bang some pots or do something that will get them to howling and barking and wake them up so it interrupts their rest. It will cease after that guaranteed. Hope that helps and let me know if it works.

Great idea, but will probably get you shot if you live where I do. I guarantee it won't work, at least not with inconsiderate people like I have living next to me. I have the same problem but going out at 3 in the morning only disturbs the peace more and will probably get you shot by the neighbors. I have already reported them to the city and animal control and the neighbors responded by placing their dog's poop stools on our welcome mat at our front door (I guess their way of saying here's what we think of you). No, I'm thinking the only solution is to get rid of the neighbors (somehow). I thought about killing the dog but they would only get another barking one.

up to 300ft. I have not tried it yet, so I cannot comment on it but if I was not moving from here a couple of weeks, I would definitively have bought it.

For people who think that it's not ok to use this, this is because you had never been annoyed by a @!$# dogs barking all day long (when in vacation) or all night long after a 8 hour work shift.

I hope that this link will help people with dogs barking problems.

If the link doesn't work, just use that one : http://www.canadianbarkcontrol.com


I will tell you what worked for me after a neighbors large lab would bark every second it was out of the house. This neighbor lived behind me and one house over, so the corners of our yards touched. I own a mobile DJ service and I tried several different frequencies blasted through my speakers, my main weapon was another dog barking looped ...I was even accused by the owner of throwing walnuts from the tree in my yard at the dog...'Who, me?'. I finally found something that worked and it didn't get the dog to stop barking but it got the owners attention to let the dog back in house. I went out and bought from the sporting goods department of a Walmart the canned air horn used for boating and kids sporting events...it's an aerosol can with a littel red horn on top. Ever time that dog would start barking and barked for a couple minutes straight I would use the air horn. Literally just 3 or 4 extremely loud honks from the can and the owners were calling the dog to come inside. Repeat when necessary and the owners become trained quickly


7 years ago

I like the idea of the audible/inaudible dog barking device sold on Amazon.com. It has two modes: one makes an ultrasonic sound that's triggered by a bark and annoys the dog, the second mode makes the ultrasonic sound and also makes a wretched noise that people can hear. That one annoys the owner AND the dog.

The only caveat I read was about one fellow who discovered the neighbor had punched a hole in it with a broomstick to shut it up.

I've got one of those birdhouse-shaped noisemakers for the dogs around us (about $45 on Amazon, up to $90 elsewhere). Sometimes it works (and it's fun to listen to them gradually whine and shut down) but sometimes they ignore it (summer foliage blocks the sound). High frequencies don't penetrate or bend around corners.

The wife won't let me buy a b-b gun.

I've been researching to find a way to blast a severe ultrasonic noise, triggered by my birdhouse device (to sound only when the dogs bark). So far, it seems that the circuitry is easy and cheap (555 timer plus an op-amp) but the transducer (speaker) needed is out-of-the-ordinary. A 22 kHz blast should be within the range of many piezo (ribbon or foil) tweeters, but they're not weatherproof.

I recall years ago being with a young lady who was, literally, driven out of a warehouse. They had an ultrasonic alarm that she could hear, and it was very unpleasant (no one else could hear a thing). The transducers were barrel-shaped metal, flat on the business end that pointed into the room, bowl-shaped on the back end, about 3" in diameter. Apparently, the transducers ran 24/7, while the alarm circuit was only enabled at night. If I could find some of them, I'd be glad to give them a try.

I also read about those giant "dinner bell" triangles like they used to use on ranches. Story was that the harmonics would drive dogs away (when you play Middle C on a piano, you're also hearing tiny amounts of High C, C Above High C, etc.). The result was that dogs would learn that the sound of the back door opening meant the pain was a-coming, so they learned to shut up any time they heard the back door creak. Maybe playing a loud stereo (Joe Cocker music, obviously) just before I shoot 'em with the b-b gun would "train" them.

If I find a good solution, I'll be back.

you are right buddy, those dogs should be stopped if the people dont care, they shouldnt own dogs/ ive been through the same.. if you find a solution please send it to me also.. c.hubs@yahoo.com,, thanks good luck,


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you are right buddy, those dogs should be stopped if the people dont care, they shouldnt own dogs/ ive been through the same.. if you find a solution please send it to me also.. c.hubs@yahoo.com,, thanks good luck,