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Make a web show Answered

I'm thinking about starting a webshow, similar to iCarly (if you watch the show), and I am trying to get some ideas for the show. Can someone give me some ideas for it. Sorry for no pix, or about anything but this info.


I would also like a name for it. I was considering calling it... eyesulli(s) (considering two co-hosts), or something like that (pronounced eye-sulle{s}) What do you think people!?!

thanks, ill try that out later on

If you are in a big city, look up the local broadcast TV station. They sometimes run courses to qualify you to really produce and run your own public television access show. Or you could take a tour of a studio to see what it is like. If you wanted to jump into TV production without majoring in that in college or trade schools, I guess there are plenty of books out there which you could base your ideas to produce a webshow. Search for webshow instructables or look at various webshows on youtube and the like to see what you would want to do. Good luck.