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Make boots out of old sweaters Answered

This little tutorial shows you how to make some funky boots out of an old sweater, a cheap pair of flats, and some hot glue. Looks pretty quick and easy if you have a handy sweater to sacrifice to the cause.

Link via CRAFT


They look gorgeous!!! And I have loads of old sweaters!!! Thanx for sharing, I really love them! ( they look even better than ones I've seen in shops! )

*I am going home right now and me and my daughter are going to make a pair! I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks to whoever came up with this brilliant idea. *

You can tell her yourself. She made an Instructable out of this.


These are great.  I plan to make a pair soon.  Really good.

"are those uggs"
'no... they're actually awesome"

Ah, I want to make these so bad.

I still think your feet will get wet in the snow. :-)

You could put bike tire tubing like rubber on the inside under a layer of fabric so they dont sweat maybe. Or if you dont, at very least your feet will stay warm until you step in an ice puddle.

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! My house is on a cement slab and is made of wood.  When it gets cold, our pipes freeze and we have to get the hair dryer out to unfreeze them.  Your boots would be perect to wear inside.  As always another brilliant Instructable.  Thanks :0)

Well, thanks for sharing the link.  I went to our local thrift store and bought a second -hand sweater. (lol sounds like the sweater that grew hands)

I just saw this too, and brought in a sweater to try it out!

Very nice indeed!  I wouldn't necessarily go for the boots idea, but I could see morphing these into a nice pair of house shoes (or slippers...)!