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Make collaborators more prominent? Answered

. Almost 70% (sounds better than two-out-of-three heehee) of the iBles with my name on them are collaborations. With one in particular, my main function was just to get the ball rolling and the other collaborators did most of the work. But unless you click the more info button, it looks like I did all the work.
. I'm not sure how to do it without taking up too much real estate, but I would like to see collaborators listed without having to click more info. At least a prominent "X collaborators" notation.
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If there is no clear-cut "owner" of the I'ble, how would contest entries and winners be handled. Would it be entirely up to the collaborators to divvy up the rewards? Does Instructables have enough resources to hand out awards to each member of the winning I'ble?

. That part of the system wouldn't have to be changed. The "author" would still be the owner. As Kiteman says, the collaborators should be able to divvy up any loot on their own. All I'm asking for is an indication that there are other ppl involved. . I think kelseymh has an excellent idea. List a few collaborators with "more info" if needed.

Most contest entries are not collaborations, but I think it's safe to assume that collaborators would sort that out between themselves beforehand. Other times, it's not an issue - say, if you and I collaborated on the Klutz contest, you would get the prize because I live in the UK.

Ah, you have a vay of finding out these collaborators and making them talk? No?

Definitely! Ideally, "Author" would be changed to "Authors" and the full list (or the first three + "more info") shown up front.

I like this idea. I think that would work really well without getting too cluttered. :)

Agreed! I have thought along these lines also, it would be nice, if the collaborations section on people profiles pages was combined with the published. Also, collaborations should be sent out to all subscribers of those who helped out also.

Essentially, a collaborated I'ble would be treated like a normal I'ble, just over more than one account.

Good idea. I generally don't do collaborations, but I could see the need for recognition when it is needed.

Completely agree.