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Make it Glow Contest Answered

Does anyone know what happened to the Make it Glow contest (ended 12/31)?  I can't find it anywhere on the site through general navigation (recently closed contests).  It was sponsored by Radio Shack and I now see in the Contest FAQ that "We recently discontinued our sponsor/prize provider program for sponsor contests."  Did the plug get pulled on this contest?

Thank you!


Hello everyone! We were in fact waiting on Radio Shack all this time. We just recently heard back from them and will be announcing finalists shortly.

The reason the contest disappeared from the main contest page is that it basically "timed-out" without being updated with finalists and winners within the normal time frame, and was automatically bumped to the contest archive. The direct link provided below by both Kiteman and Downunder35 will take you there, or you can select the "Contest Archive" button from the top right of the contest page.

This is a bit of a bug that we are now aware of with long-delayed contests such as this one, and will work to resolve it.

Finalists and winners will be contacted through PMs and email, just like normal, and the Make it Glow! contest will reappear on the main contest page when finalists are announced.

Well at least we know now what is going on.
Maybe for future contests it would be a good idea to state when the contest was closed (in case there is a delay too), when the actual judging was finnished and finally that everyone is now waiting for the sponsor to agree to the winners.

The chaos and confusion has to stop somewhere ;)

As a general point, when contests are delayed like this, it would be good if somebody could keep the members updated...?

+ 1

The only thing worse than waiting for a sonsor is having to explain to all the newbies every time this happens.

I concur. And the correct parties have been poked, ever so gently...

Well its good to know they have at least been poked. At least an update on the contest page would have been great but I didnt make it to finals anyway :~(.

Maybe I can enter the final project in something later.

whew, we thought they were going to invoke Ibles Contest Fine Print Rule #14, also known as the "Balk rule."

The music contest has disappeared from the contest page.

It looks like that is the results of the contest two years ago. You can travel back in time?

It's strange. I've been following the competition progress after its deadline and judging was supposed to finish on the 3rd, but it got extended to the 10th. It then wasn't updated and the competition disappeared entirely from the links a day or so ago. Any idea what's going on?

The exact same thing happened in the Wall Overhaul Contest. It took 3 weeks for Olympic to approve the finalists. Shortly after the finalists were revealed, it disapeared from the contest page. It was another week before the winners were chosen and revealed. Only then did it reappear on the contest page.

It's not just because it's Radio Shack. Sponsored contests nearly always take much longer. I really wish the instructables staff would change dates on those contests accordingly to give sponsors more time or hold sponsors to the dates they post. I'm sure everyone would be much more patient (and this fact wouldn't have to be rehashed after every sponsored contest) if the dates posted were more accurate.

Thing is, if they change the dates to account for slow sponsors, the sponsors will work just as slowly to the extended dates, and things will take even longer!

I'm not suggesting they change the date they give the sponsor. It's the date that is shown on the rollover image of the contest as it progresses from closed, to open for voting, to judging that should be changed.

These dates seem to be automatically generated based on the staff's ability to progress contests through all these stages. The staff is usually great at sticking to these dates! It is obvious, however, that sponsors do not keep up with these dates, so simply changing the date on the rollover would keep people informed. For instance, if this contest said that it would be in judging until Jan. 30th (and was still on the contest page) we likely wouldn't be having this conversation.

For me being on time for a job is one of the most important things, same with appointments.

I do understand that judging can a bit longer sometimes, also that a sponsor might have other thing on the mind than to check the results and agree to it.

But I also think that an update on the contest page would help to prevent such confusion and frustration.

I mean is it really that hard to to put a nice big banner on the top of the page stating something like:

The contest is over, the judges have announced the winners but we are sorry to inform you that is a delay on the sponsor site.

We will publish the winners as soon as possible and inform you about any changes here.

I seem to continually enter projects into contests that disappear from the contest page, but no worries. They have always come back, even weeks after the initial end date. My guess is Instructables is just waiting on Radio Shack to make decisions on Finalists and Winners.

I would think Radio Shack has more pertinent things on their minds than closing out a contest as they are reported to declare bankruptcy soon.

I read that Radio Shack is having a survival crises. pity the good old Radio Shack.

You'll always get a PM as soon as finalists and winners are announced, so there isn't much need to check the contest page for updates once it enters judging. Just check your inbox. However, if it drops off the contest page, you can always access it via the link under the ible you entered on your "you" page.

I had the same issue a second ago. I did find it but would like to know what the outcome was. Has anybody been notified. I have been watching like a hawk and nothing.