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Make it Real Challenge Deadline Extended! Answered

Some of you may have noticed that the Make it Real end date has changed.  We have extended the deadline to give you more time to get your awesome projects up on the site and entered into the contest!

The new deadline is June 4, 2012.

You can check out the details of the contest here.


Any chance that we might get an extension for the Fashion Contest? If not, I understand.

I had hoped to enter, but time hasn't been on my side.

Sorry. Make it Real was an exception because of the addition of new countries allowed to enter the contest. But, we're bound to have another contest like Fashion in the future :D

Any news about when the winners are going to be announced for Make it Real? :-)

I submitted mine to the contest but it's still not accepted into the contest. Is there any reason why it hasn't been accepted? I'm pretty sure it meets the requirements for the contest...

You published it on Friday and it takes up to one business day for it to be accepted or rejected into the contest. If you haven't heard back by the end of the day today, let me know!

I mean there's one instructable on there, "secret postcard decoder" which doesn't even use anything virtual.

Ok it got rejected. Is there any reason why? I mean I'm pretty sure the requirements was to make something virtual into reality, which mine is. I mean I don't have the actual picture of the physical object since I didn't get them yet, but it says that 3D renderings are allowed, although they are discouraged. Is it because it's a rubber band "gun"? I mean it's not a real weapon, don't think anyone could die from it or anything...

3D renderings are allowed, but that goes along with another part of the rules which states you need a physical object. You said you didn't get them yet; does that mean you will have the physical object?

yes they're just being processed by the company Ponoko and I'm waiting on the parts. I will post up pics and such once they've sent it to me. I'm hoping they come in before the contest ends. If I were to modify it with the physical object and then resubmit it to the contest will it be accepted?

The contest is "Make it Real"... You said in the first paragraph of your Instructable that you have NOT made the project and you're only posting the plans. Therefore, you have not met the basic requirement of the contest which was to "Make it Real".

I'm very glad to see the date changed! I haven't been able to get a few of the last items I need for my project in time and this is going to be monstrously helpful. Good luck to everyone!


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Oh, that's good. I've been frantically working to get mine done before the end of the month. Now I can procrastinate for another 3 weeks!


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That is good. I want to vote for someone, but nothing really stood out to me.