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Make it Real Challenge Prizes Answered

Has anybody received their prizes from the Make it Real Challenge?  It's been almost three months now and nothing has arrived.  I keep getting told that it's shipping soon, but nothing yet....



There was a delay in getting the UP! printers shipped out due to lack of available stock by the supplier, but all prizes should have been shipped out now. Several people have already received their prizes, but shipping times will vary depending on where you live. International winners will take the longest to get their prize, but rest assured that everything is on its way!

What about the instructables prize pack? I haven't receieved this either. There was also a promise for a free printed model if you posted your model to the 123D site (which I did.) I don't really need it anymore, but other people who were not as fortunate as I would probably love to see this promise fulfilled.


5 years ago

Well, it took three and a half months, but my Up 3D printer has arrived! Thanks, Instructables.Unpacked, plugged in and played with a bit but yet to actually do a proper test print.

I did get asked for £142 in VAT (sales tax) by the UK Customs as it came into the country but that was expected and seems fair enough.

No Instructables Prize pack and whilst this isn't too important I am geeky enough to want to wear an Instructables T-shirt so I hope this might arrive at some point.

As a side note, 123D also offered small gifts to those that posted their files on the 123D Gallery but these have not shipped nor have I been contacted by anyone about this. I posted my entire CNC router model on the gallery but will probably remove it. I posted on the 123D forum http://forum.123dapp.com/123d/topics/post_for_make_it_real_challenge and got a response from a moderator but still nothing. that was 2 months ago.

I am trying to enter the Halloween Decorations contest. It says entries must be made before November 2012. I just uploaded my decoration today and it says its not eligible because it may have been uploaded before the date?? I don't understand...that date was in 2011..I just did made the project last night and uploaded today. How do I fix it?

LOL Thanks! Thats what I get for being a novice! This is my first time on this site:))

I don't see any published projects on your profile at all.

You need to publish it before you can enter it.


5 years ago

Glad to hear you got your printer. I'm still waiting for mine and I spoke to another winner who's in the same position. Sending out prizes doesn't seem to be the slickest operation at Instructables. However, it seems ungrateful to complain as it's pretty awesome that they're giving away such great stuff in the first place.

Last I heard was that it was down to the supplier having no stock but that should have been sort at the end of August. The frustrating thing is that my local electronics supplier (in the UK) has had 5 sitting in stock the whole of the last 3 months!

I might drop shipping another email...

No complaints from me on the "ridiculoualy.awesome prize" :-). It was unclear if everyone else was also experiencing this delay or if it was just me.

According to section nine of the rules, "...if delivery is declined or fails by reason of winner's failure to timely accept receipt or pay appropriate import duties and other duties or taxes) then the winner will be deemed to have declined acceptance of the prize and Sponsor reserves the right to reclaim the prize whereupon the prize will be returned to Sponsor and winner will no longer be eligible to receive the prize."

It would be an epic fail to have won something so great only to have the prize reclaimed because of a shipping glitch.  The winners are accountable to the rules of the contest.  I wasn't about to slack on my responsibilities as a prize winner at the risk of losing out....

Good luck in getting the printer, its well worth the patience and persistence and an awesome tool for future instructables.

It pays to be the squeaky wheel. I just recieved the new 3D printer and can't wait to fire it up!