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Make odd-shaped gears Answered

This tutorial by Clayton Boyer covers how to make some really funky looking gears. Start with one odd shape and make a second gear that matches it. Really cool and great for anyone entering the Woodworking Contest who wants to add a special touch.

via MAKE


Check out his website. He has TONS of clocks and other wooden mechanical weight driven things. I know this comment is years later, but for others....

Boyer is a genius. I have been ready to purchase his plans for the marble strike clock and the Celestial Mechanical Calendar and Orrery and combine the two... The only reason I havent was due to injury from the military. Now I am ready. His stuff is amazing and to be able to not only design those items but to make them pleasing to the eye is even more so....awesome. This ible gives me ideas on how to change around the wooden clock I currently have and make it all, catty-whompus, shaped gears. How fun will that be........

I came upon your tutorial for odd-shaped gears as I'm entering a contest for 3D printing and wanted something unique. I think this fits the bill! Now to draw it out in 3D CAD!

this doesn't make any sense- i really like it ;)


7 years ago

Good pass time!


That is all new to me - excellent stuff.

I wonder, though, would it be easier to trace the arcs if you covered the bottom of the smaller gear in coloured chalk, and let that sweep colour onto the paper?


7 years ago

That is so kool. I always wondered how people made these gears.. Thanks for sharing this with us. Jax


Very cool; thanks for posting it! Kind of reminds me of the geared heart.