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Make the best of what you've got Answered

Sometimes life deals you a bad card and you have to make the best of it. My father got polio in his right hand at a young age. It got him out of the army, but he had to learn to become left-handed in the process.

This guy suffers from polio as well, but has been able to do this cool dance that's earned him a living entertaining tourists in Uganda.

And up in Canada there's Lazy Legs who has a muscle disorder in his legs.



3 years ago

Saw this and wanted to share. Poignantly echo's the original post.

Everything is Incredible, Film About a Disabled Honduran Man Who Has Been Building A Homemade Helicopter

"Everything is Incredible” is a moving short
documentary about Agustin, a Honduran man who despite being severely
disabled by polio, has been building his own helicopter for the past 50
years. The helicopter, which resides in Agustin’s small house, is made
out of bicycle parts, rebar, and other scavenged materials. It is more
an elaborate kinetic sculpture than an aircraft.


i once felt sorry for myself because i had no shoes,then i met a manwith no feet.

nothing is either good or bad,but thinking makes it so.

it is good or bad depending on how you look at it.


10 years ago

Those guys are great - showing that people shouldn't say they "can't", because they can. But really, look at both of their arms. Pretty darn muscular!

Yeah. When life gives you lemons, shove 'em back down life's throat!

Overcoming adversity is a key component in living a great life. That is what those two guys did. They should inspire many people to appreciate what they have, and make the most of it. (Just like the title says!)

It's all about self-acceptance and adaptation =o