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Make use of iCamera 1000 units? Answered

I have 3 "iCamera 1000" camera units laying around. I do not have the rest of the security system they are designed to function with, but there has to be some way to make use of them and have some fun.

I have lots of cat 6 cable and RJ45 connectors to custom make a cable if anyone has the expertise to figure out how to make use of these.

Before posting here, I searched and searched here and on Google but only found information regarding the "normal" application of these cameras..... I was hoping for something more outside the box which is why I am here.

I included a front/back picture.

Thanks for any ideas!!


did you figure anything out? I finally was able to get mine online without xfin. Now I'm able to view and record 24/7. If you still need help let me know.

I would like some help setting up my old xfini cameras without housing their service. Could you email me @ allenwilhoit@hotmail.com with any information. Thanks so much

I have not been able to get mine to connect. It is plugged into my router using a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable but I cannot even get it to show on my router.

@seanh10 hi i was interested in how you set up your cams i been looking and have a couple ideas but havent actually got started im still researching, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

computersbeyond2@gmail.com i would like some help setting up also

I NEED HELP PLEASE!!! My email is dochavis@gmail.com

Hi, do you think you can help me with setting up the cameras to enable viewing and recording. Do you currently, have Xfin. or were you using the equipment without the Xfin. service?


im currently using without xfinity. Depending on what 3rd party service you will be able to record 24/7. As well as be able to view live or depending on setup back dated recordings from your mobile device or pc. From within and out of network.

That's pretty cool. Do you have any ways to help me in my quest? I currently have two of the Xfin. cameras and don't really know what to do with them. What software are you using for the cameras currently? Thanks for your response.

can you please email me on how to view the live feed and access the camera. running windows 10, no application for the camera, and no IP address or username/password (only have MAC & Serial)


Can you email me complete instructions?

I'm not that experienced so i need simple instructions. I'm still confused if I plug the camera directly into my computer's Ethernet port, or if it has to go through the ASG 1100 router that I also got from xfinity. And what the router needs to be plugged into when initially configuring.

And what settings to put in when configuring the routers port forwarding (and is it the ASG1100 router, or my home wifi router:?)

Thank you VERY much if I can get this setup. I hate having this nice equipment that I cannot use.

You can email me at petegfb@netscape.net

I was able to see and record on it when camera was hardwired to router but when I set camera to wifi and then unplug it from router iSpy can no longer see it. I have gone into router ip and camera is connected via wifi and working. How can I get iSpy to see the wifi camera through the gateway modem/router? Any help is appreciated.

new here and found a few of these laying around in my new house. I don't want to pay for service but have an arduino and raspi hanging out. What can I do with these!

I currently use 2 different programs for running these cameras. Both are able to record all the time as well as only record when tracking motion. The programs are only made for windows base systems. As the Linux base is too small of a crowd. Windows still has 80+% of the market. you are going to need one of the following programs. ISpy, or Blue Iris.

If you setup you will always have to have them connected to a router or switch. When they are connected to the router/switch you will have to do a factory reset on the cameras. "When cameras are plugged in and connected hold the black button for 30sec" Then go into your router gui and look for the new ip that the camers have. when you add new camera on ispy use with wizard. Manufacturer use "icamera 1000" select next. Username and password is root. select next. type in ip address of camera. Then next.

then confirm urls "yes" If you pic icaera 1000:iconnect" FFmpeg rtsp

That option will give your cameras sound also

These are WiFi capable, right? Can I run wireless or does it have to run hardired?

I figured it out. Thank you so very much!

did you get it to work through wifi? I never tried. Please let me know

I have a Linksys Router, I left the IP set through DHCP and set the wireless through the camera itself and then let iSpy use the IP and it connected. Use the PoE to power and its set. I need to find a free way to view off site now.

I am having issues connecting to the camera itself, have it connected through the Y cable for power and plugged into my router, have the lan IP but not sure on how to actually connect to it, ? or not sure of the rest, please help and TY!

Look at your device list through the router portal. Find the camera and note it's DHCP given address. After that go to a browser window and enter the address and it will bring up the cameras menus and features. Turn on the individual cameras wi-fi functionality and then save and disconnect from the router. Use the PoE adapter to connect to 120v source and plug it in.

It's weird, I do that and connect to the lan IP my router gave it, but gives a 404 error and unable to load, do I need to use something after the IP like or user name and password? thx again

So Ive been able to get to the camera's GUI but none of the passwords that I've seen so far work. I've tried root/root and Administrator/"blank"... are there any others? I'd really like to be able to turn the wifi part of these back on since I only have one adaptor to configure them with.

Would you mine posting your URL? I've got my icamera-1000-ADT devices on my LAN and configured in iSPY. but I'd like a peak at the admin interface on the camera itself. Simply using HTTP://ipcameraIPaddress returned a 404 error like Siafu77 mentioned. Atempted using Chrome and Edge.

Thanks much!

Look at the first picture in my post above. It shows that the IP address is the url since you're accessing it on the same network. The first photo also shows the GUI of the cameras.

I did. the image doesn't blow up well enough for me to read. That's why I asked for you to post if its not too much bother.


It's just the IP address. As long as it's still connected to the router with ethernet it'll show up. Once you reconfigure the camera for wifi then you can remove it from the router.

thanks, as stated earlier, simply the IP doesn't work for me. if you're getting through with just your IP its because thenlanding page for your camera refers to another page. mine does not. I only get a 404 error. I was hoping to use the complete URL you have with my IP address and see if I could bypass my issue.

thanks anyway!

btw, I'm a IT support professional. I tried all the basics, and obvious troubleshooting prior to posting.

192.168.x.x/main.cgi?next_file=index_in.htm (of course insert your own IP)

Darnit, that IS the URL my camera refers to as well. Dead. Thanks anyway!

I had to try a few different ethernet cables until I found one that worked. Also try swapping ports on the router.

Nah, way past that. I've got connectivity to the camera over wifi. the Cameras are already transmitting to my iSPY installation just fine. But I really want to connect them to my new Vivint Security system. It's detecting the camera, not failing to fully configure it and add to the system. I'd love to get the configuration page for this camera so I could possibly figure out why.

think your having the same issues I was, the camera has to be reset in order to see the cameras config page, if you are seeing a 404, it is already configured to a wi-if network and been locked, resetting it is your only option.

no dice. Camera reset by holding the reset/WPS button down for 8 seconds, still not reachable by port 80. Can ping it just fine, and can use in Blue Iris, iSpy and "for iControl" (Android app). I just want the configuration page and it continues to elude me!

That's odd that it's reachable but can't get into the conf page.

O.k., so you're saying because its already got a connection via WiFi that you lose Accra to the configuration page? Never heard of that one. Ok ill reset and try again. Thanks.

I was able to reset 1 out of the 3 I have, think the units might be having issues but thank you again for your help.

thanks for the pics, will give it a shot when I get home, was trying it with Safari and Firefox, maybe will only work in IE... fingers crossed...

where can I get the ip address from email address rayrayray86@gmail.com