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Make your own computer game? Answered

Does anyone know any good websites to make games like age of war as i would like to make my own. Bare in mind the computer game would be 2D and similar to Age of war 1/2.

Thank you



Best Answer 8 years ago

Gamemaker from yo yo games is a good program to start with for first time game creators. There are plenty of tutorials you can find on how to use the program too.

+1 Great program and its very easy to learn

Stency Works is WAY better than game maker. Try it out!!!
(BTW, you could make money with your games on stencyl and many other things) 

Wow, this is from a LONG time ago. However, recently I wanted to maybe check it out. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to look!


7 years ago

rad 3d you can make realy good car games

Ok thanks yokozuna , Willard2.0 and nickodemus. Im checking them out now

I found Sphere really helpful for 2d rpg type games. But be prepared to learn quite a bit of code, I still haven't learned it all. The site I linked to should have some tutorials, as well as a link to download.