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Make your own liquid nitrogen for under $500 Answered

Ben Krasnow built a machine that makes liquid nitrogen for under $500. It's made with many parts he bought off of eBay and can generate a liter a day of the stuff at a cost of $1.15 per liter. Check out the link for more info.

The first video is from this year's Maker Faire and the second shows the effect of liquid oxygen on a BBQ.

DIY liquid nitrogen generator

via adafruit


i love diy.. but this is... too cool..
did you build the whole machine yourself? (assemble from this and that) 

Read the article provided.  This posting is just passing on information; user "fungus amungus" did not construct this device, nor make the video.

I would have liked to know how he produced the LOX - same method?


Surely with some clever equipment you could fractionally distill air in reverse, so fractional condensation? 

 not exactly, he said that he passed air over a tube filled with liquid nitrogen to make liquid oxygen. In comes the LN2 and air, out comes N2 and LOX. A heat exchanger comes to mind.

Thanks, cold-finger approach.
It'd be liquid air then, same sort of thing.


No way! This is so cool, I have been thinking about attempting to build a Liquid Nitrogen generator ever since I read an article about a car being run on it, since it has higher energy density than compressed air..

 maybe this is a dumb question, but what can you do with liquid nitrogen?

 flash freeze your foods, insta-ice cubes, cryogenic storage of humans! (just joking, it would kill you) impress your friends, hardening steel (sudden contraction of the molecules causes the thing to harden, just like water) break locks, and AC unit that runs off liquid nitrogen, insta-shakes, insta-freezer (makes me think of a freeze ray)

lol, in the end of the video, he said to type "DIY liquid nitrogen" and he's the first result. guess what, he is the first result!


Or making a levitating miniature train... Damn I gotta make myself one of those: almost zero friction!

 before that, you need superconductors! And, it could also be used for superconductive wiring, almost zero electrical resistance! 

I thought of another use. Pull out that cryocooler and use it as the AC for your home!  Just stick it up your ventilation system and you'll get a mini-arctic wasteland in your home! (Do not try if you have LCD TV's and screens because the technology won't work. The "L" in "LCD" stands for "Liquid" and so it'll just freeze) 

As a joke I've always told my friend that it's the water in the computer screen that makes the strange patterns when you push it: it's just like the surface of water!

Joke's on me now.

It's intensely cold, great for freezing stuff.

That's awesome, Ed!  Haven't we had a few questions/forum topics recently on the subject of building an air liquifier?  Hopefully those authors see this topic...

We have? I missed those. Well, good luck to them. It still took him a while to gather all the parts he needed.