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Make your own slot machine - advice from a real Maker Answered

I was looking for something else, and found this site by local (he lives about twenty minutes from me) Maker Extraordinaire, Tim Hunkin.

He has a main site, as well: http://www.timhunkin.com/ .

Tim is best know in the UK for an old TV series "The Secret Life of..." (In which I once saw him record his own voice on stickytape), a similarly-themed exhibition he did in the Science Museum in London, and for his newspaper cartoons called The Rudiments of Wisdom.


Now, that's cool.. What's in the luminous watch + apple core that can cause the observed reaction? Anyone care to enlight?

I don't know that it would react that way, but the old luminous watches had paint that was made of a phosphorescent compound mixed with radium. Lots of workers that painted numbers and watch hands became ill, many with cancer. I live 3 blocks from a factory that once did this.

Its quite common back then for glow-in-the-dark paintwork to consist of radioactive + fluorescent materials. But now come to think of it, nuclear fission involve the splitting of atoms through bombardment of neutrons, definitely can't be reproduced by the said setup..I'm just gonna go and hide in shame..

Check the date that cartoon was published...

. I won't work. Or it least it won't do anything that just stacking old glow-in-the-dark (see Goodhart's post) watches on top of each other won't do. Graphite control rods are used to absorb atomic particles and control fission. They have to be placed between the radioactive components to do any good. Putting the rods on top, as in the link, has zero effect on any reactions going on in the watches.

My dad bought the book and had it autographed. There is a note in the front which says one of the experiments is not real / joke, and that is it. L

I noticed the same note when exploring the site..
I guess instructablites have cracked it.. :)

I used to love "The Secret life of ..." programs. There was a link to a torrent (3.64gigabyte) with all three series so I grabbed it . Cheers, Pat. Pending