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Make:SF - June 22 @ Instructables Answered

Make:SF will be hosting their next meeting here at Instructables World HQ.

This will happen on Sunday June 22 at 2PM.

The meeting will be held at:
489 Clementina St - 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA

For those that don't know, Make: SF is a local group of Bay Area makers inspired by Make Magazine. All are welcome to attend.

Also, their next TechShop Meeting will be on July 6th. Sign up for the Meetup Group to be informed of all future meetings and events.


Hi, Milmoe here, from Make:SF. This first meeting is all about presenting your projects. Later on we'll have workshops where we'll be building kits... everyone building the same thing. It's like build night but different. We also meet in Menlo Park (in Silicon Valley). If you are in Philly, DC, or NYC there are meetings out there as well. (e.g. Make:NYC) Hope this helps clarify and keep you all in the loop. The more the merrier! -Milmoe

Awww.... I can't come.... I graduate on the 25th, and I'm coming out on the 8th (of July)


Isn't Jessy coming on the 23rd? Or is that June..?

I'll try to make it to this, and the Build Night as well.

It seems like everything happens in San Francisco. I guess I might just have to take a trip out there in the coming years. Hopefully a Maker Faire in the future is on the east coast.

There's talk of a Maker Faire NYC.... which would be awesome. No... Really awesome!

I would be ecstatic if it was held in NYC. No, I would probably soil myself in happiness.

I live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. NYC is about a 6-hour drive and maybe a 2-hour train ride.

Gotcha. I'm in NC, and I'd still drive to NYC for a maker faire. :)


10 years ago

Wait - that's like three days after the Instructables Build Night? I'm not sure I can handle that much excitement in one week... ;-)

Actually, I'll probably be at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival for most of next weekend. Dude - you're competing with a free Swing / Lindy Hop class! And after that I've got to practice some more on the $10 button accordion I bought there last year, and then there's a polyrhythm singing circle, and then... :-D

We'll see - I might swing by and wave...

The tentative plan is to have Make:SF meetings the second Sunday of every month. So, in the future, there won't be so much excitement in one week. ...but, you can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind.

I thought that Instructables would be a safe retreat from the horrors of the safety dance. I was wrong.