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Make:SF Tonight! Answered

Make:SF is having their monthly downtown meeting tonight at Instructables World HQ. All are welcome to attend. The festivities start at 6:30PM. 489 Clementina St. 3rd Floor


If it were too small, we'd reach escape velocity just by jumping.

It's a special arrangement to make sure all those unsavoury foreign types stay foreign.

Or possibly it's a conspiracy to keep those who know the Truth from meeting and realising it.

Nice to see a plug for David Icke, I've never quite figured him out. L

You can't get any more Icky then Icke ;-)

Instructables World HQ

... implying there are local branches?

I could probably get them a desk or two over at the Santa Fe Complex...

If you ever decide to come stop by :D

That would be cool, even a twig would suffice if it were close enough


9 years ago

Couldn't you guys post these notices for things a few days in advance? It might boost the attendance of the meeting with a few more iblers. Especially when it is at Instructables HQ.