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Maker Fair: McMADSAT (Make And Do, Show And Tell) Glasgow Scotland Now DEFINITELY on Saturday 14th March 2009 Answered

There will be a Maker Fair in the Glasgow Science Centre ( http://www.gsc.org.uk ) on either 7th or 14th March 2009.

This will be the first of the kind in the UK (as far as I can tell). There is lots of outdoor space, including two shallow pools for model floaty things. Indoors we have space for at least 10-15 table areas.

Although we will be right beside the river I think safety concerns for this first effort would mean the river is not available. But we can all drift out to admire the incoming seaplane which is based there.

This is an open invitation to get in touch and say you want to come and show us what you have made, share skills etc. Let no one say that UK kitchen tables are not cluttered with projects every bit as loopy and fun as those elsewhere.

Maker Kids welcome, the more the wootier.


That is basically unreadable. I am happy to run ads, but that have to look good and be the proper size.

Hi, We're nearly there and if you are able to use any of these pix to promote it that would be lovely. Is there a flyer or poster advertising Instructables itself that I can printoff to use on the day? thanks nina

image of poster 2.JPGimage of poster.bmpimage of poster.JPGsmall image of mcmadsatposter.JPG

If you want me to run these as ads, you need to create images that look good at 300x250, just like in the above forum topic I linked to.

Hi, here are some more image sizes are any of these suited to running them as ads? that would be so helpful. thanks greensteam

image of poster.bmpimage of poster.JPGsmall image of mcmadsatposter.JPG

Hi, I would love to do this but the whole thing goes to a blur at that size. Can i somehow send you the PDF poster I am using? See the pix attached. Thanks Nina regards

mcmadsat.bmpmcmadsat small.bmp

I was just discussing this with my girlfriend, we would both like to be a part of it. Take a look at my projects and let me know if you think I would be suited there or not. We will talk some more yet, so put us down as a potential!

Jake, do you think you could contribute your GD expertise to convert the poster info (below) into the kind of 300x250 adverts Eric asked for? I wish I were in the U.K. so I could attend...

Hi gmjhowe and girlfriend, You would of course be welcome. I really like the PADD. Perhaps you could bring presprayed card and show folks how you did it? Or other remakes eg from BSG or what have you, there is of course months of ibl-ing before then. I also like the wee paper men. I would like to have a group of people doing remakes of TV/film props so you could be in that? What does GF make?

The girlfriend, is more into craft based items, clothing and things. I agree with your suggestions, both the padd and the papercraft men would both make great 'table' activities. And then we can have a display of all my 'steampunkish' items.

If she is willing to show folks how to make Bert the mouse I would think that really appropriate as it is small and all by hand.

Durn! That just might be cooler than the Austin Maker Faire... if that's possible...

It may have Kiteman so you never know...

It's a long hike in Womble...