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Maker Faire '08 this weekend, May 3-4 Answered

The San Mateo Maker Faire is coming up in just a couple of days! The Instructables crew will be there - will you?

From the press release:

Sebastopol, CA (March 19, 2008) - Last year, over 45,000 people from all across the country (and beyond) came to the Bay Area to celebrate the world's premier event for DIY (Do It Yourself) creativity - Maker Faire! This year, May 3rd and 4th, the event returns to the San Mateo Fairgrounds once again, for what will be the biggest and wildest Maker Faire yet! Put together by Make Magazine and Craft Magazine, Maker Faire celebrates things people create themselves - from electronic gizmos that would make James Bond jealous, to "slow made" foods and homemade clothes that would make Martha Stewart swoon. The event is a non-stop "wow-fest" where surprises and inspiration are as ubiquitous as the festival air.

"At the surface, Maker Faire is a fun event for people of all ages," explained Event Director Sherry Huss. "But more than just a weekend of creative entertainment, we want people to leave feeling inspired - "that they too can create things, express themselves, and engage the world around them. Our goal is to resuscitate the spirit of American innovation!"

Named "Best Special Event" at the 2007 FOLIO FAME Awards, the 2008 Bay Area Maker Faire will put a special emphasis on "Green" living. There will be a huge exhibit featuring Farm Aid's Homegrown Village, a local farmer's market, Swap-O-Rama-Rama's giant used clothing swap, DIY workshops and fashion show, Bazaar Bizarre's crafts fair, a live Prius plug-in car conversion from Bay Area's Calcars.org, and much, much more.

Along with the hundreds of Makers displaying their unique creations, specific event highlights from this year's Maker Faire include:

  • Greg Leyh's 19 foot Tesla Towers - live performances daily
  • Wedding Bells! "The Neverwas Haul," a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House, will host the first-ever Maker Faire wedding
  • Saturday Evening Fire Spectacular (extended hours, 6pm - 10pm) - Power Tool Drag Races, Steampunk Spectacular, musical performances, The Flaming Lotus Girls, and more
  • Electronic Music Fest - an orchestra of musical toys, LIVE bands playing instruments you've never seen before, The Tarantulas Jug Band and much more
  • The Life-Sized Mousetrap - a giant re-creation of the popular board game
  • LUNAR (Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry) will help parents and children build and launch Estes-Cox rockets
  • The Electric Giraffe - our huge, 17 foot tall, 1-ton walking robot giraffe will once again patrol the grounds of Maker Faire
  • The founders of ROBOEXOTICA present the "MindReadingMartiniMaker" and other award-winning cocktail-robots
  • Educational Robots - robotic demonstrations for two youth robotic competitions: FIRST LEGO League (5th through 8th grades) and FIRST Tech Challenge (7th through 12th grades)
  • "Like Father Like Son" - a local father/son team will be converting a 1967 Honda S90 motorcycle into a state-of-the-art plug-in vehicle
  • "ArtGolf" - the 3-hole artgolf course makes its Bay Area Maker Faire debut. Fore!
  • The Village Blacksmith - new to this year's Faire
  • Diet Coke & Mentos - Las Vegas' famed Bellagio can't match this DIY display - shows both days
  • The Institute of the Future Pavilion - what will Maker Faire look like in 2018?
  • Experimental Aviation - The Oshkosh Experimental Aviation Association (eaa.org) will be taking Maker Faire aviation to new heights
  • Cyclecide Pedal Powered Bicycle Rodeo

Many more headlining activities to be added in the weeks ahead...

"This is going to be the biggest and best Maker Faire yet," said Dale Dougherty, editor and publisher of Make magazine. "If you want to see the future of American innovation, this is the place to be."

The Details:

  • When: Saturday, May 3, 2008 (10am - 10pm)
Sunday, May 4, 2008 (11am - 6pm)

  • Where: The San Mateo County Event Center and Fairgrounds
2495 South Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA

  • Admission: Adults: $25/$20 in advance; Students (13-21): $15/$10 in
advance; Youth (4-12): $10/$5 in advance; and children under 4
are free

For the very latest information and updates, please visit: [www.makerfaire.com]



10 years ago


I'd go if there wasn't 3000 miles of sea and 3000 miles of land between me and the faire. stupid atlantic ocean...

Look at it this way - with the dollar as weak as it is, it's never been this cheap to visit the US! :-)

im only 15 (nearly 16) so i cant pay for myself to go to usa, but believe me if i could id be in california night now

I live in the UK, in Cambridge *grumbles*

I'm going to bring some of my home built experimental wooden bikes (and metal bikes) for folks to test ride. See you at "Bike Town"!

Now, if only this weekend was not in the middle of my lacrosse season... I have a feeling that in my college years, I will be attending the Faire.

Whoa! Not so fast! Maker Faire starts at the end of next week.

Doh! Yes, of course - next weekend. Fixed that.

I'm so excited about this event that I was off by a whole week - wishful thinking, eh? :-D

Sadly, not this year.

Eric knows why I can't go...

Saturday works. About 5. Well, I've had like 5 or 6 so far. Just 1 more...

He told me to stay out of trouble, and since he said that, it's been working.
I want to not get in trouble.

I want to be good.

I'd go if there was less than 2000 miles separating me from the Faire. Stupid east-coast...

yet another show of all that i miss!