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Maker Faire 2009: TotusMel Answered

We got to meet awesome needle-tatter TotusMel, hanging out in the shade with the rest of the Etsy Steam Team and other Steampunk Makers. Her tatting looks even more incredible up close. I'm torn between buying one of her masks and learning to make my own! (OK, maybe I should do both - it takes a long time to learn to make things that look so good.)

Check out more of TotusMel's work at her Etsy store!


phew, I first thought you tattoo that mask to your face until I checked the links. The couple behind has that look of seeing co-joined mice in the case or something.

It looked like the tat was a bit crooked and I said, how are you going to get your money back, tattoos are permanent.

T'was so wonderful to meet you there & thanks for the kind words. I gave out almost all the Instructables cards you left, so yay!