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Maker Faire Light Doodles Answered

We participated in the recent bay area Maker Faire where we taught hundreds of people to draw with light taking over 800 pictures. It was a blast.

Were any of you there? I saw the guy that made the coffee press.

You can see my personal favorites on Flickr at The Best of Maker Faire Light Doodles.


I was there on Saturday AM. This was a impressive booth. I am trying to find your "INSTRUCTABLE" on how to make the "flashlight". One last thing I tried your web site LIGHTDOODLEZ.com This site is not working either. Have fun. Remember f8 is too small try f 2.0.....grin Neil

Hi Neil,

You can find my Instructables at https://www.instructables.com/member/unklstuart

The "S" in "Doodles" was written live and backwards and looks like a Z. I thought it was cute and left it that way but you are not the only one to get stuck there. I need to fix that in Photoshop for my own good. http://lightdoodles.com is the site.

As for the aperture settings, it depends on the light source you are using, how bright it is and how close to the camera you are. F8 seems to work well for me with most of these lights although most of my early drawings were taken at F22. Another challenge is that Lori, the artist, draws very quickly. Check out this collection of our drawings on Flickr. Select any photo and then click on "more properties" under the "additional information" section on the bottom right to view the camera settings. http://www.flickr.com/photos/unklstuart/sets/72157601507669278/

And then check out the other light drawing group on Flickr for an amazing amount of work people are contributing. One good group is http://www.flickr.com/groups/lightjunkies/

Thanks for the feedback.


Those two are great, unfortunately, flickr is blocked at my school (as is YouTube). I'll look at the rest later.