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Maker Faire NYC Office Hours Answered

Are you coming to Maker Faire NYC this weekend?  We are, and we'd love to meet you!

While you're welcome to come by the booth at any time, we're scheduling Instructables Office Hours from 2:22 - 3:22 on both Saturday and Sunday, so you can maximize your chances of meeting people you know from the site.

What happens at Office Hours?
First off, everyone who works the booth will show up.  I'll be there, as will Eric, Randy, Dave, Billy, Bilal, Star, Zach, and more of your favorite Instructables authors!  Come say hi, and pick up a sticker.

Comment below if you're planning to be there, so we know to look out for you!


I believe I am going Sunday, I'll be wearing the robot proudly. :)

Oh noes, you skinned robot and will be unabashedly wearing it as some rusty pelt freshly dripping of motor oil?
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animatronics

I'm happy to join this incarnation of PETA!

after clicking on the link we get: THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE

That would be the angry mob waving oil cans and slinging transmission fluid.

Maybe he shouldn't have insulted me.. :P Or someone should have redownloaded his manners program. *shrugs*

Ah darn. I can only be there on Sat.....but hey, at least there is a good chance I will get there now :-)

So in addition to the crew above, Canida and baby were there, Goodhart, Caitlin and me. Somebody has the group picture.

All in all, there was a lot to see, but since this was the first Maker Faire here at an unfamiliar venue and cramped real estate, we got a quick glimpse of it all in one day but really did not see or participate much with the activites. It was hot, immense lines at the food/drink vendors, no real PA system to announce when the events were going on and no schedule to look at unless you go to the makerfaire site to download the 18 page list. Signage is poor as you try to follow the map to bounce around the disjointed areas. The running of the chariot races will block off all access to the other half of the fairgrounds. We missed a few things, maybe we will catch it on Sunday. The parking lot is like finding the entrance to the Batcave. You get on the shuttle bus for a few blocks, get to a stop, walk some more to the faire.

But other than that, kids activities to solder some kits are for a "suggested donation", there are some freebies though, learn to knit or crochet. Definitely some performances and contraptions that will make OSHA cringe. Bring some money if you want to get a few maker kits at the Shed Store. Some arts and crafts vendors are there also. Bring food and water and relax in the air conditioning inside. Jets and propane burners throw off heat pretty far away. And they are loud. More exihibits stewn about the museum itself.

More later, but Canida introduced us to Lynne Bruning and hopefully Caitlin will be modeling the blinking hand of righteousness and the blinking i-hoodie in her tech-fasihion show.  Meanwhile, others can play with the Stargate gong I brought there.


Those tricycles... they have... pulse jets!

Do they work?

Oh, post slideshows, post videos, post pictures of the HQ stall!

Nice photos caitlinsdad! And you got video of the infamous, noisy pulse jets.

Sorry again to miss meeting you.

Oh... my...

Oh... my-o-my-o-my...

Simply jaw-dropping.

And that bloomin' jet was that loud at the Instructables booth.....made talking difficult at times :-)

I think Alfred Hitchcock walked past my camera... You would be the coolest dad if you made this for your kid's birthday parties. < Kiteman goes about collecting a thousand jam jars >

Yeah, I don't have the video of the tricycles, but I believe I have the flying ones. :) pictures, videos and everything will be up later.

The pulsejets were cool! Unfortunately I've developed a thorough dislike for them after hearing unexpected launches 50' behind our booth all weekend, and having to run away or put in earplugs. Possibly exacerbated by the fact I didn't get to ride on one. ;)

It was awesome to meet you (twice!) and I can't wait to see your pictures!

Those jets were quite loud.....and I was doubly bothered by that FLAME that kept being flashed out of the stationary "thing" right behind your booth. Gave me heat flashes every time they set it off.....I was wondering if I was going to spontaneously combust :-)

image notes don't work in comments:

Tetranitrate and Randy. He lives.
Zach, Bilal, Eric. Eric is on space-time-zone.
Car with knit/crocheted yarn cover. I don't know diff between knit and crochet.
Caitlin with some jet powered contraption.
Some weirdness imported from somewhere, maybe SF.
Chariot races.
Long lines to see Tesla arcs. Too long to wait.

THAT'S what I missed, darn it...the chariot races....

I think it was more "entertainment" than any show of technology. Most ended up crashing and burning as the unstable vehicles flopped over when it hit a bump and the crew had to push or drag the vehicle across the finish line. One was a scooter pulled wagon and I don't remember if the jet one actually had its flame lit. 4 laps and a pre-mummers-parade before the actual race. Come to think of it, not a big showing of steampunkery or people in steampunk dress.

Well, in looking at some of you pictures, it looks like I missed quite a bit by concentrating on the tents maybe a bit too much. :-)

Those people are too pasty to be from SF - I say from somewhere in the NE.
And I played on the car with Corvidae for a long time, and don't know if it's knit or crochet either! So hard to tell with fuzzy yarn.

Sorry, that was Josh instead of Zach, the ex-ible-intern tag team duo from Olopede.  Yeah, young geniuses that wanna take over the world look alike.

So are you guys coming to the UK maker Faire next year or what ?

You should have made it to the NYC Maker Faire. :P

I can't claim it as a business expense...

See, that's just the result of poor planning!

Ooops, you wrote Scooch, not Scotch

Some gas flare that was in back of the ibles stall.
Fish pontoon boat. Crew wants a trip to India.
Gemini and Mercury Atlas rockets. Know your spaceflight history.
Battle dual person giant wheel bicycle.
Two eejiets people strapped to some 360 degree swing.
Nachomahma would ride that.
Cool lightup with fluid bubbles pumped through tubing. There is a dress made like that.
Array of threads backlit by a projector running a display from a computer.  It looked like LED bits lit up on each thread. Really cool.
More fluid synapes/EL art. Motion control ball for light up display.
Arc coils for tesla arc show.
Dudes looking over the Instructables Cards.  They promise to get their own set.

That 360 swing, had bicycle pedals so that if they couldn't get it going by the rocking motion, they could with the pedals.

Tiny signs covered up by the crowds didn't help the roaming public understand what it was. The long set up time made people lose attention fast.


Caitlin on the tech fashion runway. Blinking stuff of righteousness. Cheap plug for Instructables.
Some of the other light up dress, biofeedback brain and heart clothing from the back
EL animated neon-bulb-like sculpture art moves in sync with Martin Luther King speech.


I'm presenting at the CRAFT demo stage (Photography and Photo Projects for the Holidays), will stop by your booth. Would love to meet you.
Community Manager, Kodak

Hi Shruti,

Sorry to have missed you! I'll PM you to follow up, though.


7 years ago

I will be there and will have BaR2D2 at the opening evening party.

Hi! It was awesome to meet BaR2 (and you) in person. I can't believe we forgot to take a picture!

Leaving soon. We'll be there around 1130 maybe 12

Looks like I am going......the boss finally relented and is allowing me to drive up to Queens (she says she WON'T let me go if someone steals the car while I am there, though o_0)

every time i see coupon block on a check out page, i figure there has to be a coupon , no big deal. But it would be better if they put disabled in with retired,
i would post it on the sci site.
but it would be a hassle for the takers to distinguish, so i guess i can tell any of the people using chairs to email randy if they need a break in price,
united spinal , the old eastern pva is in queens.
That eye controlled lasers for the graffiti artist with locked in syndrome, would woul work nice for a lot of quads.
the 7 train i am pretty sure is fine, now if you were going to rockaway at night, good luck .
grand central to seven train, easy. outside the area yu can find cheaper accommodation. There is a new regency anf marriott suite type in north yonkers that has a shuttle van to the train to grand central. the shuttle is 10 minutes, and the ride to grandcentral from greystone station is 35 minutes.
i see a lot of non americans at the train station and lots of usa tourist too.
i think it is a regency and marriott suites, both in executive park north yonkers,zip 10703 i think, if you wanted to google it.