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Maker Faire UK in 3D! Answered

Maker Faire UK went down this past weekend in Newcastle and here are the red and cyan 3D pics to prove it!

So did anyone from here go? And do you have any regular pics to share? I tossed my last pair of 3D glasses away about 20 years ago.

Link via Make blog

UPDATE: Catch Lemonie's report here.


I went and it was pretty cool. Not huge, but I liked what was there. nice vibe and some nice stuff being made. No energy projects, unf, being the main reason I went.


9 years ago

Aha! My homemade iZ3D glasses are going to come in useful... anaglyph FTW :) I sadly didn't make it, too much going on and not enough planning time for the trek to Newcastle. If they held one in the southern half of the country I'd go.

Couldnt make it :( with school and everything

you should have gotten one from the super bowl.