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Maker Faire UK on BBC Answered

The BBC stopped by the Maker Faire UK that happened this last weekend in Newcastle. They were especially interested in the robotics. A fire-breathing horse, a walking and singing robot, iRobots, and battlebots. Nothing else about the rest of it, but the video's worth checking out.

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Oh, I call "foul!"

The big walking "Titan" robot is a costume, and not a "maker" project, it's a commercial product, making regular appearances at every Butlins holiday camp.

The rest is cool, and I especially liked the way the Microsoft robot wouldn't behave on camera...

Professional doesn't necessary exclude maker-ness. A maker would be lucky to get a job doing what he or she loves to do, right? That said, I don't like seeing robots "sing" "What a Wonderful World." It isn't right.

One word, unbelievable, that guy is really good at shadow puppets. I especially liked the rabbit when it was cleaning itself, it looked so real. That guy must have had at least 3 hands.