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Maker Internship at Klutz (paid) Answered

Klutz, publisher of Juggling for the Complete Klutz and other cool books, is looking for a summer intern with tech skills, creativity, and a fearless attitude toward taking stuff apart and making interesting art and toys. Job Summary This intern will learn the ins and outs of the publishing world according to Klutz while helping develop books and kits. Responsibilities • Assist in creating and testing tech-oriented books and kits. • Assist book editors with daily tasks including changes to brainstorming, creating handmade mock-ups, and assisting at photo shoots. • Test toys and book ideas. • Test toys and books with children. • Run errands. • Assist other groups as needed. Qualifications • Creativity, motivation, and the ability to learn quickly. • A solid knowledge of electronics. Robotics experience a plus. We’d love to find someone who has experience tinkering with toys, robots, soft circuits, and such. • Experience with art and music a plus. • Able to write basic instructions that a novice could follow.


Well it does sound good, and I love what KLUTZ is all about. I have qualifications that i believe would be an addition to KLUTZ whihc include a strong background in the arts.
What city is the internship in?
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This looks like an awesome opportunity. Will be entering Mechatronics Engineering at Southern Polytechnic in Atlanta Georgia next fall, but I've been taking toys apart (and usually putting them back together... usually) since I was a wee little boy. No formal arts education, past high-school studio, but have hobby-level experience in 2d/3d drafting and modeling, photography, and sketching. Above-average MS-Office Skills from current Administrative Assistant position. One question though, is this an on-going or one-shot/season internship? (basically, can I apply for Summer 2009/10)

Is there a particular location associated with this job?


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This sounds like something I would be interested in, but I'm probably too young. I learn quickly, and I like to think I'm rather creative. I know a lot about electronics, etc. Also, I play a lot of instruments, so I have experience with music. As for the ability to write basic instructions, I think I can manage that because I explain a lot of projects to beginners (my brother, friends, etc.). But once again, probably too young for the internship to apply.

Hey sounds like something I would love. I am an Electronics Technologies major at Central Georgia Technical College in Macon, Georgia. I love writing and art; in fact, I am a painter and a musician. I have experience with different kinds of circuits and have been building electronics for awhile. Like I said, sounds great!