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Maker Meetup in Colorado Springs Anyone? Answered

I would like to help organize a meetup of makers and DIY types in the Colorado Springs area, to discuss making stuff and perhaps move toward putting together a hackerspace/fab lab. I have been posting notices on Craig's List and at the Makezine forums but no responses (yet). Surely there must be some like-minded folks between Denver and Pueblo.


I'm defeinitely up for it. I've been looking into setting up a design/maker/fabrication co-op studio for a while.

I'm in Colorado Springs. Be nice to meet with other makers. Maybe even host a convention or something.

Im really interested in the whole idea, but am completely new to making. I live in CO springs and it would be great to meet up with people and learn more :D

Cool. Let's stay in touch everyone and see if we can arrange a meeting of the minds sometime in February. I think if can get 10 people interested, it would be worth having a meeting to see what we can make happen.

Ill be in Colorado springs next fall. Is there people who have access to computers and stuff?

And the home of a large Atmel plant. They'd make a great sponsor or just some flyers at their offices might help find the makers you're looking for.