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Maker Space Arizona Answered

I live in Arizona and was wondering if anyone else that lives here would like to build a maker space. A Maker space is a workshop where people meet up to work on projects together. It's a place with tools that can be used whenever you please for only the cost of a membership each month. So what do you say? : )


Check out Heat Sync Labs in mesa or befriend cool geeky people at The trunkspace, the firehouse gallery, or Lawngnome publishing. All of those places are open to these types of creative shennanigans...

What part of az ? I'm interested. In Tempe.

Sounds like a grand idea.

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Thanks! I had a hard time deciding what category to put it under.

I know how you feel. Around here, even though there are plenty of "people" in my area, there are not so many "motivated makers", sadly.

Is there anyway you can make this a little bit more public so I can get more views and comments?