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Maker Tin Ideas Answered

Hello everyone,

You may or may not have seen my latest instructable and entry into the Pocket-sized contest.
>>> Maker Tin <<<

Well even after i had crammed all those tools into the tin, there was still space left !!

So i thought i would turn to the community for help filling that space !

Thanks to..
...for the great suggestions.

I have already awarded the our patches and i need to save them for other contests so i cant give out any more :( sorry. Thanks for all the fantastic ideas !!

Currently the Maker Kit contains :
  • Mini Craft Knife
  • Superglue
  • Pencil
  • Notepad
  • Matches and striker
  • Sewing Kit
  • Metal File
  • Button Cell battery
  • Red,Yellow,Green,Blue LED's
  • Resistors
  • Wire
  • Shrink Tubing
  • 2x Crocodile clips
  • Sandpaper
  • Duct Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Mini Scissors
  • Magnet (Gmjhowe)
  • Screw/Nail holder
  • Saw (Tobz1122)
  • 2x Zip ties (Yokozuna)
  • Candle (Kiteman)

So the question is,
What maker tools would you like to see in the kit ??

I look forward to your suggestions !


A mini flashlight for at night or in case it gets dark, a mini hammer and nails just in case, a raspberry pi zero

Mine has rubber bands and a few watch batteries, mini motors, small popsicle sticks, and an LED. I'm getting tired of eating altoids for the tins though........

you could a small screwdriver, a mini tape measure like the ones on a key chain, and you could also add a small led flashlight, and add a small bandage in case you cut yourself. And great job creating such a wonderful idea by the way !!!

Thanks for sharing this instructable and thanks for the putting of the list of additional suggestions. Great job putting everything together.

I believe someone may have already mentioned putting a hot glue stick in the tin, so I decide to do some some testing to decide if it was practical to use a flame to heat it. I found that using a match you can soften the glue enough so that you can smear the glue on to whatever you want to adhere. As a side note I noticed the glue was often scorched and turned an unsightly "dirty" color, in a fact of keeping your project neat move the flame back and forth quickly.

One could use a metal screen to keep the "flame" off the glue stick but allowing most of the heat upwards; this might eliminate some of the soot too.

I haven't read through the comments, so sorry if I repeat any... sandpaper, thimble, magnets, pencil sharpner (blade doubles for other uses), candle stump (wax doubles for other uses), safety pins, tape measure (like the roll-up kind they use for cloth alterations), tacks, zip ties, pie, assortment of brads, small electric motor, springs, fishing line, small current tester (with just the light that flicks on and off).

Great ideas, i like the zip ties, candle, pie. Ill add them to the instructable and send you a patch :)

good luck with the pie

Apple is my favorite, although I'm also quite fond of peach and rasberry. You can never have too much pie, especially around holidays!

that is true but it is hard to fit a pie into a maker's kit that has tools in it. :S i should carry a emergency pie around.

sorry one more i got some mini pliers from a yardsale

please send me a patch i dont want to be pushy or i dont realy care if you dont send me one

razor my bad i spelled it wrong

maybe you could put a box cutter or the razer blade that comes out of it 9the thin ones


7 years ago

Something every maker should have on them: LASERS! dealextreme.com has 5 mw red lasers for $1.54. (http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.13378) they could easily fit inside the SC card case.

How about a mini heating pan? Bottle cap standing on some nails, heated by a match? (100th comment, yay)

A solar panel or two.

 Get a second tin and use the magnet to keep them together. Now you have double the room...

nice kit...

you could add a mini level

i was eating at my moms workplace and i saw the thooth pick despenser on the counter and that gave me the idea of adding a couple of tooth picks in my kit so yea add a tooth pick to your'e kit

you should put a procision screwdriver in the tin for little screws such as cameras and little electrical projects. Also, at walmart they sell a mini digital camera 2x3 inches. it would be perfect for making ibles on the road!!!!!


8 years ago

I would add a Swiss-Tech tool they sell them that are pliers with straight and phillips screw drivers on handle. I love mine it has saved my butt countless times ( I keep it on my keys one of the great features of it). It also has wire cutters/strippers ruler and folds up to 1/4" x 2". I got mine from a friend but I also have seen them at Wal-Mart.

The one I have is the Micro-Tech 6 in 1 it is 6.99 (USD)

solder and a mini lighter (i forgot were they sold them) for small soldering jobs
a little tube of grease maybe?
some plasters and gauze
anti staic bracelet
small flash drive or micro sd for your computer life

Here are my suggestions

#1: Put in a small cheap-o pencil sharpener. You can use it to sharpen pencils and it can be used as a hobby knife in a pinch. Just unscrew the blade with a pocket knife or screwdriver and you have a sharp blade.

#2: I made a really awesome custom alligator clip, really useful, just put some heat shrink tubing on the sharp pointy ends to insulate it and some more on the ends you press. It looks wicked cool, grips better, and insulates, so you can squeeze the leads of a LED on a coin cell with ONE battery. Neat, huh?


8 years ago

I would add a ruler of some kind. Maybe printing out a metric scale and then gluing it on the box. Another possibility would be to put it in the notepad.

I agree but instead I would maek the ruler on the outside of the tin with a sharpie or paint. Simple, easy and takes up no room!

What about a screw driver, and a umm....fabric and cloth?
I don't think you put thread on the list. Is that thread?


8 years ago

band aids just in case you get cut by one of the tools

Get rid of that useless file. Get a points file (they were used to true the points in car distributors). They are very thin and you can break off a piece so they will fit in the tin. I guess that if you put in a small Wenger penknife, it can replace the X-acto knife, the file and the saw and you get a small and large screwdrivers, awl, can opener and cap lifter. If you find it too big you can put in a Leatherman Micra or Squirt. Anyway your kit is an excellent idea.


8 years ago

Mini tip for a lighter that turns it into a soldering iron. DIY will be the only course to obtain something like that.

I don't need a patch for now,and the rendered img is coming soon.

Drill a few small holes in the sides/top of the tin. With an alligator clip or two friction fit into them, you can use the tin as a pair of helping hands.

Im making one now, and i am putting some small rope/cord on it like a backpack so that if you want you can put it on your wrist

This is the best Instructable ever (I rated it 5 stars)! I need some help with making an Instructable of mine. It would be great if you could help! Thx, techmaPr

a flash drive or sd card with important persoal info incase you have a accident and the person at the scene need to find out who you are? a little flashlight or laser buit into the tin for in the dark paint the tin glow in the dark incase you ever lose it a bit of money incase you foget to buy the newspaper of if you want some sweets refialble lighter mini bottle of axe or deodrant for those sweaty pits of yours a little amount of explsoves for blowing things up picklocks incase you lock your self out paper clips two elstic bands tied together with a bit of leather in the middle for a mini slingshot airsoft ammo for your slingshot altoids mints and thats all i can think off...

a 9v batery and hack it like kip kay so you can use them instead of aaa's

Joke idea:
Portable crowb- er... Portable problem solving lever.

Works great if you have a PHD in particle physics!


8 years ago

damn matches that stay alight


9 years ago

First of all, well done on the stuff you have so far! I do have one idea for something to add. I don't know if you have enough space in there, but I think a small pendrive would be extremely useful for any computer DIY jobs.

Pendrive is a fantastic idea

Yeah and on the drive is computer diagnostic stuff

Oh, and I voted. Good luck!