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Maker milestones? Answered

What are some tools you've acquired or things you've learned that have shaped your maker ways? Yesterday my first dress form came in the mail, and this morning Jace and I took my measurements and I set it up. Now I have an accurate representation of myself. :D I'm really excited. I'm making a mermaid costume this year for halloween, and now I can really get started! Plus, I've been wanting to sew my own clothes forever and this will help me! As far as other milestones for me: - Inheriting my gramma's fabric stash and sewing tools - buying my first Wusthof knife - buying my first set of pots and pans - a really nice stainless steel Cuisinart set - been using them now for six years! - investing in a hand saw! (And subsequently sawing the legs off my old craft table to make us a really nice coffee table.)




9 years ago

My assortment of homemade pry-tools. Great for tight places. Soldering skills making fire w/o matches my tape to aux conversion


9 years ago

- Compiling and running my first java project, way back in 2004 - Getting (in one fell swoop) a socket set, two soldering irons and my mini glue gun- they are my joint most frequently used tools - Building the one-hand keyboard Mk 1 which was my first piece of real custom computer hardware - The arduino, after promising myself I would get into uCs for years

Finishing my 555 tester helped me out a LOT. Gave me a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the 555 timer (and why it is sometimes better to go CMOS). Finding Instructables was the biggest milestone for me however. It was like I had been living in the dark, and then you all turned on a light switch for me....against the grain has become my way of life...

All those times as a little kid when I would want to paint or sew or make something and my parents got me the tools to do it right. When my grandmother gave me what must have been at least $100 in beads, tools and thread to make jewelry. Learning to solder.

Have you done any big soldering projects yet? I bought an iron and I've yet to do anything with it! :(

Well, not huge - I'm working on an entry for the sound contest, but mostly just soldering wires together. It's really not that hard! I was just being a dummy all those years I thought it was really difficult. :D

Yeah, soldering doesn't get hard until you start having to solder thick copper pipe together :-) I hate plumbing

Is that a tattoo I see? My mother would not approve! Anyways, great jorb on the dress!

Oh, round the back...

Two recent tattoos that caught my attention
  • a girl with angel wings that extended across her shoulders and down the back of her arms.
  • a woman in shorts with a tattoo of her wedding garter in the right place.

I've see the wings tons of times, but never a garter. That's awesome! I keep wanting to get more work done, but I can't decide on anything. I might never do it. :P

I'd like to see the garter. That sounds like an interesting one.

Yes, and my mother approves, so pfft! My father too, as he paid for it and got one the same night. :P

"innamorare" It's Italian, I've heard it translated in many ways - to enchant, to charm, to inspire. I normally prefer "to inspire with love". I got it in honor of my grandmother - I'm trying to be like her! My dad got a shotglass with some flowers and my grandfather's name... I only have this picture of it, no better ones. We'll just say I uploaded it because of the awesome tractor.


My first thought was Surely that can't be her first clothes ever?

In my defence, it's twenty past Sunday here.

Jessy, that's gorgeous! I've always thought that a dress I made myself couldn't look very good - I totally need to rethink that. :D

Thank you! I thought the same for a while, but not anymore! Burdastyle has some great free (or super cheap) patterns - that's where I got this one. :)

-Cleaning my shed out -Making my first 2 knives

  • Playing with LEDs when I was a wee boy (My dad helped me out a lot)
  • Getting my dad to trust me with the power tools in his shop (band saw, table saw, etc) when young.
  • Purchasing my mig welder
  • Instructables!

I like the last one the best ;-)

Finding my current place of work where there is a practically unlimited supply of thick card! The old leather punch thats lasted me since before I was born, recently bought a expensive draper one. My Macs, they make all my design work possible, as well as being my gateway to instructables.

The larger products that I'm starting to do now feel like that for me. The tools I get aren't really the milestones as much as the things I end up having...like my raft, or my hydroponics set up. I'm also planning to build a desk this summer...and I've done more actual planning for this than I've ever done before. For instance, my hydroponics setup. I just went to HD and bought the stuff that looked good. I figured out what to do with it when I got home.

Getting my shed!

I'm thinking about turning one of our closets into a maker storage space at least! But it'll be years until I have something as fancy as your shed!

'Taint fancy, it's tiny. It's more storage than anything.