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Makers At The Movies: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Answered

Last night i went to the movies and saw Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol, and it was impressive in the amount of cool tech that we are going to see down the line. Apple was displayed the most with the iPhone and iPad. Here are some that impressed me the most:


Contact Lenses with Facial Recognition:
A large part of this movie relies on contact lenses that are worn that act as cameras, copiers and can do real time facial recognition. (connected of course to your iPhone) This tech already exists and the issue here is scale. I see Augmented Reality contact lenses being a regular thing in the next 5 years, and with cloud computing only getting better, real time analysis of large amounts of data is becoming more and more plausible.
Can I Make It? Score: Nah, this is more in the realm of darpa, but i wouldn't mind an iPhone app that i can pull up when people say hi to me and i don't remember who they are.

Reversible Dress Coat:
There is a scene when going from a Military outfit to a regular tourist, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) with the flip of hist wrist makes the pressed jacket he's wearing into a windbreaker. This was impressive and seems not hard to recreate.
Can I Make It? Score: I plan on it, with a dress jacket and a windbreaker, yes i'll post and instructable.

Sticky Gloves:

These are featured in a climb hundreds of stories up and have a mark of DIY-ness. These gloves are not the most safe, but are pretty friggin cool. I wouldn't mind having a pair.
Can I Make It? Score: Maybe, but given they didn't explain the tech, i have no idea what the concept is. If it was magnetic, it would be a bit more realistic, but these stuck to glass.

Have you seen a good "maker" movie lately? Did I Miss anything from Mission Impossible that you like? Comment below!


Another aspect... The human brain: Use it or lose it.

Many kids these days cannot add, subtract or multiply without the help of a calculator. They've been dumbed-down by technology.

There are different techniques for improving one's retentive memory, but a facial recognition app sure isn't one of them.

Fascinating entertainment though! ;-)

I can't even hand any spare change to the cashier without messing them up after they punch in the amount tendered.

It's crazy... and now that these kids are raised "texting", many can't even spell properly.

I haven't seen many mentions of McGuyver recently...

Do you remember that article you posted about the guy climbing brick walls with those big pads? They're similar sounding to the gloves, they just need to get a lot smaller :p

I suppose that, with a more efficient vacuum pump than a Hoover, and maybe a small petrol engine instead of a mains cable...

Looked pretty climbable tbh. Alain Robert would have been able to do it. Oh wait... he already did:


Wait. Is that really Simon Pegg as a Scientological 'Q' ? Does that mean the Cruiser has to fight zombies?