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Makeshift laptop charger.......need power layouts? Answered

Okay I've got a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop without a power supply and HP Pavilion laptop with a spare supply. I cut the tip off the pavilion charger like this (which wires are grnd,neg,pos ??)

now whats the layout of the charging port pinout of the Dell Inspiron 5100??
 (grnd, neg, pos....according to the numbered pins)



Best Answer 6 years ago

Sometimes it is better to recycle a known good solution than to try to reinvent it. There is something about the Dell supplies in that there is a center communication pin that the laptop uses in charging. Without this pin and the proper intelligence built into the charger; I'm not sure how far you will get with the HP supply. There are some great values on eBay for these Dell power supplies right now. Here are two listings ending soon.


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2 years ago

I wish someone had answered the question. I have an old Inspiron 7500 with no power supply and would have liked to have the option of how to wire this up. I do have some older 2 wire dell 19V power supplies with correct amperage that may have worked. Its junk without power.

Why are so many willing to say no so fast? More Can Do would be nice!

Oh what a bunch of helpful tech nerds you all are. My man I wanted to know the same thing so I could solder directly to the pins. Some people need real world solutions not your narrow minded assessments of his ability to get his laptop goin. He asked a simple question and all you smart geeky types should just provide a simple answer. Sorry guy that posted this question some pseudo intellectuals are absolutely clueless about practical applications.

Back up a little. You are jumping ahead of yourself.

Lets start at the beginning. What are the power requirements of the Dell? What are the specs of the HP power brick? If the laptop need 15V and the brick supplies 18 you will kill the laptop. If the brick doesn't supply enough amperage then the battery won't charge while you use the laptop.

Cutting off the cord like that was a bad move. On the brick it will show you what part of the connector is positive and ground. If not you can always plug the brick in and use a DMM to test it. With the cord cut like that you may have a wire crossed and damage the brick.

I don't know how you planned on connecting the bear wires to the laptop's jack. But it seems your a bit out of your depth here. You may want to find a used Dell power brick with the right specs. I know your trying to save money and recycle but it may be better to buy a replacement.


They also sell universal power supplies that you can get a variety of ends for. We had to do that for one laptop when the cord was lost, and with the other ends, we were able to power another device.