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Makezine feature notification? Answered

Every so often. Well, more than "every so often", projects from this site are featured on the Makezine site.

This is, without doubt, a good thing, but wouldn't it be nice if the authors of featured projects were informed, in the same way as they are informed when their project is featured on this site?


A big part of the new referrers data is so that we can send you a note when your Instructable appears on a cool site. The notification feature isn't ready yet, but soon...

I noticed the "referrers" information under both (more info) and ![STATS] earlier today. So far, it seems as though only Google shows up (in all of its linguistic bifurcations), which doesn't strike me as necessarily "cool" :-) Perhaps once you have the functionality operational those results could be discarded?

My own comment above does beg a question, though: what and who determines the "cool site" criteria? For example, I've got links to all five of my own I'bles and Slideshows from my own Web pages; I think that's cool, but why should anyone else?

See, it's funny, because he determine what's cool, and I determine what's hot. Get it? Nevermind...

Well, hopefully not in the same, "demonstrative" way, eh? My hmmm? was referring to your bringing up something I thought you were trying to quell ;-)

Oh, I see. I meant hot in the sense of trendy...sabotaging myself, is what I am...

Psst, there are a lot of guys here....and they think, well....like guys LOL

Isn't there some law of nature that explanations are the inverse of funniness? Oh, wait...I'm arguing about the laws of physics in a completely different forum...and Kiteman isn't even in this thread! Never mind...

He is the definition of cool.


I've been spending the last.. (checks clock, yikes!) too long going back through my ibles to see where they've appeared. I didn't know there were so many versions of google-dot-something!

Quiet a few websites I've never heard of, and a few I'd have to register with to read what they've said about my stuff (I haven't bothered).

I do that too...sadly, the only non serach engine place where I've found one of my ibles was some paper hobby site. The fact that someone, not a search site, mentioned one of my ibles is good enough for me!

Man, you beat me to that one...I so was doing it...oh well, I'm glad you got featured on the front page of both sites, you did a good job.

Hmm, for some reason that comment was removed by the communities request...

That's...weird... Ah, repost it! Be a rebel! >:D

Haha, you said something about you beating me to the lightbulb candle ible...

Not that I recall. It was slightly gloating in tone, but not that bad. I'm still so jealous. You beat me to that, you dirty dog...

(removed by community request)

Yeah! Makezine hasn't informed me of any features! Oh wait, I think I know why.....


10 years ago

If you look at instructables in the info area there is a section that says "referrers" and it shows which websites featured it.

That's a new feature, and we only know if we go look. I've got over seventy projects, other members have two or three times as many - I don't often go back through them to see who has referred them. Since the site has the ability to add that data, surely they can send an email as well?

This should be a requirement, although I'm sure most people would appreciate their project being featured, some may not. I guess it really depends on the license that the user gives their 'ible.

One of bumpus' Instructables was on the website too...




The munny speakers are cool and I'd say more like those dastardly kids mixes found everywhere... The notification ideas would be nice, I've been featured on other sites with no notification, the first time I searched myself was greatly pleasing...