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Making A Lock? 2.0 Answered

My first question was for a wooden box. This one asks: Can someone please help me by giving me tips on making a lock for a door? I want to lock up my tool shed, as it has a door, covered in tarp. The tarp keeps the rain out, if you are wondering, because the door is wood and chicken wire. Help, please? There's so many clever people at Instructables I know I'll get good answers. I have a pen cap and a bobby pin, if that helps.

Thank Ya'll



6 years ago

Rather than trying make something that may not work, I'd buy something like this gate latch. You can get them at almost any hardware store for less than $5 U.S.
Slip a padlock on it when you want it locked.


Chicken Wire is stronger than you think.

Do you have a picture you can upload?

I'm having trouble visualizing your "tarp covered wood door and chicken wire" combination... (With a picture, it might be easier to offer you some suggestions).

I assume this lock isn't to keep people out as they can simply cur the tarp and wire so just to keep the door secure a simple hook and eye will do you.

Make a hook fro a wire coat hanger and attach to the door with a suitable staple or eye fixed to hook it into.