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Making Links in Youtube Answered

Well, as you may have guessed, I am asking about links in youtube. I have tried the usual one, and it didn't work. Any ideas? I know I've saw them there before. AND, how do I replace the URL on links to words, using the ___ thing?


I'm confused..do you want to embed videos on instuctables? Or put a link into a video's description? Something else?

I want to put links to other websites on my Youtube homepage and on the description of my videos. I tried HTML, and the above technique, and neither of them worked.

i know that youtube has them banned from coments. as for the homepages, im not sure. i got this little bit off a description from google. unfortunately, the page has absolutely nothing to do with this... " ... To create links, just type the address with no HTML code. Use the Preview button at the"

. Have you tried HTML (probably not allowed)?
  <a href="http://yourlink.net/">Visible link text</a>