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Making The Most Of Your Time Here Answered

If you're reading this, you're hopefully about to become an AiR in the best workshop on earth. Congratulations! This is an amazing opportunity, and i'd like to share my experiences so that you can hopefully glean some wisdom.

When I got here, I was quickly humbled. For the first time in my life, I was intimidated. I had never been in such a vast playground and wealth of resources. I put myself under a lot of pressure. I started with some smaller projects that ended up taking a lot longer than anticipated. I did everything the hard way. During this time I formed a great relationship with shop staff, and gained a deep respect for them. A month will go by and you will look back and wonder where it all went. There are a million distractions, and it's a tough game to balance them all.

In my last two months, I decided I needed to pick a problem to solve. I bit off more than I could chew, and I chewed it. I did something a bit unconventional, and did a project on sustainability. I was in over my head, and I brought in a friend for help. And i'm really glad I did. Don't constrain yourself to being an 'artist'. You are about to immerse yourself deep in the heart of the maker movement. Make things that you will be proud of, that you can do nowhere else. 

This is an nearly infinite opportunity, with the only limiting factor being time. You are skilled enough, have the aptitude, and can do absolutely anything. So what on earth do you make? 

Quick Tips:
-Pick a problem, and solve it.  Pick a problem that's bigger than one person. 
-Don't shackle additional commitments during this time. (I burnt out from a big side project) Devote yourself to the shop.
-Reach out to someone at Autodesk, and see if you can get mentorship, or use your art to inform things that they are interested in. Form a relationship with them. You will find wisdom and friendship.
-Find a peer, and check in regularly about the scope of your work. 
-Pick someone to collaborate on a big project with. Make someone else's dream come true. 
-Space out your classes. Don't do it all at once, or you'll forget what that critical button on the DMS is. 

Time Breakdown:
33% of your time goes towards collaboration
33% towards learning new stuff that's way above your comfort level
33% for the stuff you can do with your eyes closed



3 years ago

I love it!!!!

Thank you for making this neat Instructible



4 years ago

"If you're reading this, you're hopefully about to become an AiR in the best workshop on earth. Congratulations!"...

As I read this I got extremely excited thinking that this was how newly accepted AiR applicants might be notified, and that perhaps this was the first word I'd got of acceptance into the program. Then I realized I'm just following the AiR group....


4 years ago

If there's one thing I love reading, it's an AIR report, they seem to make me smile every time : )


Reply 4 years ago

(Checks fingers)

Ah, sorry, I miscounted. Still, keep it on the calendar...