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Making a 12v room lamp. Answered

We have a quite a few 6v batteries here at work that we get rid of once their voltage drops below what our equipment is able to use.  Normally we recycle them but I was trying to see if there is a better way to get some use out of them on my own.  Ultimately, I'd like to try and eliminate the need for the plug in lamp I use to light my bedroom.

I'm far from an electrical genius but I found some low wattage LED bulbs that looked like they might be usable.  What I was basically thinking of doing was hooking few of the old batteries together, regulating the output to 12v, and then wire up one of the low wattage bulbs.  I also have access to solar panels used to charge the same batteries so getting that added in to the mix would be my next step.


If SLA they are rechargeable?

LEDs would be the easiest way to go. Most commercial LEDs are intended for mains use and have some electronics in them to make this work but the electronics can be bypassed leaving a neat LED package often around 14 volts so should work on 12.

What sort of battery's are they? Are they the lead acid type (I am guessing since they are 6v)?

And if so what capacity are they (AH)?