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Making a City Out of Jell-O Answered

Liz Hickok likes to recreate cities out of Jell-O and has been doing it for four years now. She's fascinated by the colors that are possible as well as the fact that it degrades in interesting ways. Watch this video to see how she goes about planning a recreation of the Mission District (woo-hoo!) in San Francisco with Jell-O.

This reminds me that I need to get on with my own Jell-O project. I'll definitely be rewatching this video for help in the near future.

via Wooster Collective


Don't take me there-- I would eat it.


What if it was a city made of eggs? You would eat it all 10 times over.

Depends. Only if boiled, scrambled, or cooked boiled. Yum. And if they were pickles, I would eat that over about 25 1/2 times. Yeah.

With my luck it would rain halfway through the project....

It's amazing that she has the patience to do all that. I sure hope she keeps the models outside...imagine all that mold in your house!

Halfway through I would probably begin eating the business district of the city.

I love Jell-O!

This Is TRULY Amazing! I Would never Dedicate Myself To Such A Long Term Project, I Would Somehow Mess Up Half Way Through,